Grungy Windows | A Quick Quilt Tutorial

Grungy Windows
Grungy Windows

I wrote a quilt tutorial! I am sewwww excited!! I was having such fun making my Grungy Windows quilt that I decided to write it up.

I really love Grunge fabric. The colors are so saturated. They’re bold, and bright, and a whole lot of fun. I put them together in a quick and easy way and they ended up looking like stained glass windows. So of course I named my quilt Grungy Windows.

You can find the tutorial HERE.

This is a quilt pattern that I think would look great with any fabric line. I have a Kona Jelly Roll in summer colors that I am planning to use with some to-be-purchased charm packs in another “Grungy Windows” quilt top. The different colored jelly roll strips will make for a very scrappy and fun quilt.

I hope you enjoy the quilt tutorial. Since it is my first time writing a quilt tutorial I would appreciate any feedback you have. If you see any errors, please let me know!

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