To-Do Tuesday

To-Do Tuesday 6-30-15 | Quilty Progress

Happy Tuesday!! How has your week been? Your weather? It’s been H.O.T. around here. Normally we keep the a/c set at 79 degrees at home in Arizona. Here? That baby is set at 76 degrees! All that tells you is that I’m a total wimp when it comes to humidity. There really is something to the saying “It’ a dry heat”.

Grungy Windows block
Grungy Windows block

I did have a flimsy finish with my Grungy Windows top. I don’t have a picture of it yet, but should get one later this week. This was such a great quilt to make that I’m going to write up a quick tutorial for it. Not like any of you experienced quilters would need a tutorial, but if I were a newbie quilter I think this might be a quilt I’d like to know how to make… and with precuts!

Checking Color Values
Checking Color Values

These Grunge fabrics all look so saturated I needed to use the black & white setting on my camera to check color values. I ended up moving a couple of the blocks around. This is an area where I am very weak as a quilter and need to work at improving my skills.

December Aurifil Designer BOM pattern
December Aurifil Designer of the Month block

I was supposed to start working on my Paradiso quilt, but changed my mind and worked on a WIP instead. In January of 2013 I joined the 2013 Aurifil Designer of the Month BOM series and made all of the blocks except for the December block. Yeah. I made 11 of the 12 blocks and then stopped. Because I am a quilter and what else would I do but start, and finish, a bunch of other quilts before completing one that was most of the way done? I finished the last block on Sunday and will be putting them together into a top this week.

They're screaming, "Make us into a quilt for crying out loud!!"
They’re screaming, “Make us into a quilt for crying out loud!!”

This week’s To-Do list:

  • Assemble 2013 Aurifil Designer of the Month blocks into a top.
  • Start Paradiso square in a square quilt.

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6 thoughts on “To-Do Tuesday 6-30-15 | Quilty Progress

  1. I love the grunge quilt and am looking forward to the tutorial. I always like reading through new ones, because I might learn something new!
    What fabrics did you use for the aurifil BOM? Looks like some paisley’s to me!
    Heat–> I’m up in Bellingham WA (grew up in Albany OR) and am so thankful for AC. I’m so glad to see a convert to the “it’s the humidity” that makes it unbearable.
    Happy sewing!


    1. The fabrics in the BOM are Sentiments by 3 Sisters for Moda. I joined a Fat Quarter Shop BOM when I first started quilting, and after I finished that quilt I had enough fabrics left over for a second quilt. They shipped so much fabric out for the BOM that I had tons left over!! It was crazy! There are several paisley prints in the line. I love them! It looks all Christmas-y to me, so I’ll be using this as a Christmas throw.

      The humidity… UGH! People make fun of me all the time about living in AZ where the temperatures in summer range from 110 – 122 degrees. I try to explain that with almost no humidity those temperatures are certainly very hot but they’re not miserable. Well, 122 is miserable. 110 feels like about 95 in Salem with 50% humidity. So, yes, I definitely agree humidity is the factor that makes the heat unbearable!

      We have been running down to Albany about once a week… The thrift shops there are great! It’s such a nice little town. I love it around here. Brad and I have changed from talking about Snowbirding from South Dakota to now Snowbirding from Salem area once the kids are grown. I just love being here, and being around his family would be such a great thing for me!


  2. That Grunge! Can’t go wrong with it, looks great! Can you tell I’m a big fan of Grunge!?

    About that weather. Ugh. High winds here Saturday morning knocked over a bunch of waterlogged trees from all the rain. Houses and cars damaged all over town. Fortunately, our trees kept their roots in the ground. Electricity was out for over 28 hours for us. Some ppl just getting connected back to internet today. We have gas, so still had hot water and a stove to cook on. We have had a very humid summer. So thankful for AC!

    Do you have a pattern picked out for the Paradiso? I might have a BOM (or two) just needing one more block completed as well. :-/ There are too many lovely patterns and fabrics to distract me!


    1. Your weather… Oh my goodness!!! So glad you didn’t have any damage. Crazy how dry it is in some places and wet it is in others. It’s been an odd couple of years for weather.

      As far as the Paradiso I’m just going to do a simple square in a square again. I don’t have too many other ideas about how to use up a Jelly Roll and a charm pack. I did a halloween quilt like this and really liked how it turned out. It’s simple, but sometimes I think simple is okay too!


    1. I can’t wait to get a picture of it!! I keep looking around for a good place to hang it up, and can’t really find anything yet. And it’s really bright and sunny around here right now too, so I need to figure out a place before it gets cloudy again!


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