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The Spiderman Quilt | Radioactive Consequences

"Radioactive Consequences"
“Radioactive Consequences”

I am so excited to have finally finished the Spiderman themed quilt I’ve been working on and share it here!

My nephew, who just turned 14 years old, loves Spiderman.  I have been making all of my nieces and nephews quilts this year for their birthday, and while I know he loves Spiderman I didn’t want his quilt to be made out of novelty fabrics.  I would imagine he may outgrow Spiderman soon, and I can’t imagine him at 30, married, and his wife’s pleasure (or rather displeasure) at him dragging out the “Spidey” quilt.  I’m sure it would end up at the back of a closet somewhere.  Or at Goodwill (God forbid!).

Sarah, of Georgia Girl Quilts, mentioned the Urban Churndash sew along by Piece N Quilt a while back, and when I saw the block I knew I had found the right pattern for a Spiderman-themed quilt.  I didn’t follow with the sew-along though, as I made this quilt after it was finished. I decided to make a quilt out of Spiderman colors, and tie the theme together with spider web quilting.  I found the perfect fabrics in Timeless Treasure’s Sketch fabrics in Charcoal, Sapphire, and Ruby.

I did adjust the pattern, because it called for 24″ blocks, plus 2″ sashing in between the blocks.  I did not want a quilt that large, so I nixed the sashing and resized the blocks to 21″.

A spiderweb quilted in each block
A spiderweb quilted in each block

My quilting plan was to free-motion quilte a spiderweb in each block. Then I had the idea of putting the spiderman logo in the center block.  I had a small-ish hiccup there, but all turned out well, I think. I used my favorite thread for quilting: Aurifil 40 wt. I chose to go with black, #2692, and it gave the quilting exactly the look I wanted.

Center Block with the Spiderman Logo
Center Block with the Spiderman Logo

When choosing the backing I had what I felt was a pretty brilliant moment of inspiration (they’re very rare, so I feel like I can brag a bit about this one).  I realized that the back of the quilt could represent the other side of Spiderman… Peter Parker.  So I went looking for camera fabric.  When I came across That’s Hollywood by Maria Kalinowski for Kanvas I knew it was exactly the fabric I needed for this quilt.  I used the leftover trimmed off corners from the Flying Geese that made up a part of the quilt blocks to add some interest to the back of the quilt.  I also printed a label for the back, and you can read about that fiasco challenge HERE.

Radioactive Consequences Back
Radioactive Consequences Back

I also had another moment of inspiration coming up with the name of this quilt.  I wanted it to tie in with the Spiderman theme, but not have “Spiderman” in the title.  “Radioactive Consequences” sprang to mind and that was that… The quilt had its name.

One issue of note with this quilt (other than those previously mentioned) is that I used a different batting.  Normally I use Warm & Natural, but I purchased some Quilter’s Dream Batting to try out and used it with this quilt.  This batting bearded all over the quilt.  I was constantly using my lint roller while quilting it, after quilting it, and after washing and drying it: twice.  I noticed when I was wrapping it up yesterday that I was still finding little batting lint all over the place. I don’t know if it’s because the fabric was dark, but I have not had this problem with Warm & Natural so I will continue using what works for me.

The whole idea of this quilt, and the little inspirational moments I had that brought it up another level (in my mind, anyway), has made it my favorite quilt so far.  Normally, I am an uncreative quilter who just follows patterns really well.  And, while I did follow a pattern, I was able to make some changes and then add different elements to the quilt that made me feel more creative than I have in quite some time.

The quilt is packaged and ready to mail, so I will be excited to hear of my nephew’s reaction when he receives it.

Quilt Details:

Finished size: 63″ x 63″
Pattern: Urban Churndash by Piece N Quilt
Fabric: Top: Timeless Treasures Sketch in Charcoal, Ruby, and Sapphire. Backing: That’s Hollywood by Maria Kalinowski for Kanvas. Binding: Sketch in Ruby
Batting: Quilter’s Dream in Natural Select Dream 100% Cotton
Thread: Aurifil; pieced with 50 wt 2692, quilted with 40 wt 2692,
binding stitched with 50 wt 1103.
Quilting: Spiderweb design
Finished: March 17, 2015

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18 thoughts on “The Spiderman Quilt | Radioactive Consequences

  1. Glad there was a lot of red on it. This one really has a lot of blood, sweat and even tears in it. But it came out great!


  2. I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: I LOVE THIS QUILT! I showed it to Doug this morning and he said, and I quote: Wow, that’s a badass quilt. He especially liked the web quilting. I can’t wait to hear what your nephew thinks!


    1. Thank you!! Those comments from the men are pretty much the highest compliments ever, so thank Doug for me too!!

      Thanks for taking this quilting journey with me… You were so helpful with your thoughts and comments every step along the way this is pretty much your quilt too!!


  3. This is fabulous! I really love the thought you put into the long term use of the quilt, and I bet your nephew will really appreciate in a few years, too. A very modern and grown up take on spiderman. And the backing fabric is absolutely perfect!


  4. The Urban Churn Dash is a great pattern. I made it during the quilt along, and it is currently on my long arm machine awaiting quilting. Good to hear your experience with that batting. I have never used that one before. I have used Quilter’s Dream Wool batting, and it quilts like a dream with a thicker loft than cotton which is lovely. I have trouble with Aurifil cotton thread in my Singer 31-15 (my long arm machine). Many people love it, but it leaves so much fuzz in my machine that I have to remove the bobbin and blow out the machine after every pass. I stick to what works for Mrs.Singer – Connecting Threads Polyester cones. Period.


    1. You are right! This pattern is great, and I really enjoyed making it. I’ve not heard of anyone else having had the bearding problem with the Quilter’s Dream 100% cotton batting, so it may be a combination of the fabric I used along with the batting. The 31-15 is a beautiful machine and I’m very glad you have found a thread that works perfectly with the machine!


  5. EVERYTHING about this quilt is so wonderful Christine! It is so well thought out and tailored to your nephew’s love of spiderman but subtle and loveable for a lifetime! Your webby quilting is awesome! and i love the camera backing you used… just a terrific job all the way!


    1. Oh, wow!! What a wonderful comment to read… Thank you!! This is definitely one of my favorite quilts to date (but I really love them all!!); I felt like I kept surprising myself with the different ideas that tied it all together. My sister told me my nephew loves it, and that’s really all that matters!! Yay for a successful quilt!! 🙂


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