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To-Do Tuesday 2-17-15 | Honest Craft Room

Happy To-Do Tuesday! I usually like to get this posted by Monday evening, but I spent a very relaxing day with the Mister and decided to postpone blogging until today. Plus, I needed to take pictures and it was too late for good lighting yesterday. I really should put “stop procrastinating” on my list.

Honest craft room!
My real life messiness. Ack! Also, Mugsy is supposed to be in his bed on the floor. But you can see where he prefers to sleep.

This is my honest craft room. I do not do well sewing with a mess surrounding me, and the past few days I’ve just been pulling fabric and tossing it on the day bed (the place where Mister is supposedly able to “rest” while I sew… but has actually become my WIP table). I’ve got my Urban Churn Dash block pieces on the ironing board/mini cutting mat to trim. My actual cutting table is also my sewing table, so I really can’t afford to have a messy room, since it truly inhibits my sewing. Today I’ll be putting away the fabric pulls and straightening everything up so that the only project that’s out is the Urban Churn Dash WIP.

Anna Maria Horner Folk Song
Anna Maria Horner Folk Song

I did get some fabric in this week. I absolutely love Folk Song by Anna Maria Horner, and couldn’t resist the line. I’d like to make a traditional quilt with this one. Possibly just a plain ol’ churn dash quilt, although I’ve a feeling it won’t be “plain” by the time I’m done with it.

Quilter's Linen in Garnet, Ochre and Sky
Quilter’s Linen in Garnet, Ochre and Sky. Love that Jackpot sticker!

I’ve also been ordering half yard pieces of various dark reds and golds to see which would be best for an Iron Man themed quilt. I tried some Timeless Treasures Bias Sketch and it was far too bright. So I ordered some Kaffe Fassett Shot Cottons and some Robert Kaufman Quilters Linen. The Quilters Linen pieces I ordered were exactly the colors I was looking for. I was hoping I would like the shot cottons, but I can not stand them. The fabric feels thin and is stretchy. The weave seams a bit loose, and I can literally see my hand through the fabric. I just realized that Fabric.com has a hassle-free, free 30 day return policy, and I am going to use it. I am actually a little shocked at how much I disliked the KF Shot Cottons. Perhaps my expectation of how they would feel was wrong, since I expected a stiffer quilting cotton. I thought they would be more like Alyssa Haight Carlton’s Modern Solids II, and in no way are they similar. Have you used these particular shot cottons before? Did they seem different or the same as I described?

Just keep trimming, just keep trimming (sang in my best Dori voice)
Just keep trimming, just keep trimming (sang in my best Dory voice)

This week I’m hoping to get the pieces for the Urban Churn Dash blocks trimmed and get the blocks (and hopefully the top) assembled. I always struggle with my Flying Geese blocks, so this time I sewed with my needle to one side of the marked line.  Big mistake, since my points are right at the top of the block.  All of them ended up the same way, so I’m leaving them like they are.  I don’t have enough fabric to redo them, so the points will just have to be cut off.  I don’t think it will be a major deal once the quilt is done, since all the blocks will have the same look to them.

I also need to write three blog posts, and the next two days are work days. I’m usually not motivated to do much after work, other than feed the family and relax. I’m hoping to not feel so tired this week and get these done and posted. I really did not mean to stop blogging other than once a week after starting work, so I’m going to have to get a lot better about it than I have been!

By the way, attending Tula Pink‘s Lecture and Trunk Show at Quiltique was an out-of-this-world amazing experience for me. That’s one post I hope to get written very soon!

This week’s To-Do list:

  • Finish trimming and assemble Urban Churn Dash blocks
  • Write Tula Pink post
  • Write mini-quilts post
  • Write Moxie 2 Quilt post

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6 thoughts on “To-Do Tuesday 2-17-15 | Honest Craft Room

  1. The quilter’s linen colors look perfect for an Iron Man quilt! So glad those will work for you. My experience with KF shot cottons is they are thin and a bit stretchy, but soft and awesome in a quilt. Of course, I’m not the one who finished a quilt with them, I got frustrated using them in a project with 6″ blocks and swore to never use them in small blocks again. But you know me, I get impatient quickly when things aren’t going my way in a quilting project! Also, your honest craft room shot doesn’t look so bad. You should see my sewing space right now..it looks like a tornado and a hurricane got together and partied hard. :o(


    1. I’m thrilled that at least two of the fabrics I purchased worked out… and equally thrilled they happened to be the quilter’s linen. You are right that the shot cottons are soft and I’m sure they’d make a super soft quilt, but I couldn’t deal with all that stretch. They’d have to be really starched, or interfaced with a lightweight fusible for me not to want to pull my hair out working with it. Thank goodness fabric.com has that return policy. Normally I’d never use it, as I’ve previously purchased fabric from them I’ve been less than thrilled with and kept it, but this was too many pieces that I knew I’d never sew anything with.


  2. I am not a fan of making flying geese… I just make HSTs for now. Maybe one day I’ll learn some technique I love for making them. Until then… I look forward to reading about your Tula Pink experience! 🙂


    1. I should have went the HST route, now that I’m putting these blocks together. I don’t know why I struggle with these so much, but hopefully I will eventually run across a method I like for making them too!


    1. Well, the mess was cleaned up, but then we all got the flu. I LOVE how life throws curve balls and messes with my plans. Hahahaha!! Not.

      I am loving this quilter’s linen too… I’m definitely going to consider it as a blender for future quilts.


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