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To-Do Tuesday 1-13-15 | Crappy Quilting Weeks

The Bad Quilting Week

Crappy quilting weeks.  They happen.  Simply put, it’s Murphy’s Law for quilters.

They happen when you’re on a really tight deadline.  The bad spool of thread that breaks every 10 inches or so of quilting.  The bobbin that runs out right after you get a new spool and things are starting to go your way. The tension spring that breaks off and falls onto the quilt and into your field of vision just as you’re in the quilting groove. The youngest child telling you that your “mail by” date is actually the birthday date.  All in the same day.

Yep, that happened this week.  So I pretty much gave this past week the finger and have moved on.  I am not stressing since I’m already late and my sister was more than understanding about my not getting my niece her quilt in time for her birthday. I’ve got a new thread take up/check spring ordered and it should be here by Saturday.

Modern InstaBee 2014 January Block
Modern InstaBee 2014 January Block

Clearly I did not meet last week’s goal of finishing my niece’s quilt. I did, however, complete my last block for the 2014 Modern InstaBee.  I enjoyed making this block, but at the same time I am very glad that the monthly commitment is over.

Oopsie... Wrong Date!!
Oopsie… Wrong Date!!

As far as this week’s list, I need to fix the hand embroidered label I made for the quilt.  Thankfully I had not quilted over that part, so I just need to remove the basting stitches and change one number in the date.  If the check spring is here by Saturday as scheduled then I am hoping to get it installed, my tension set, and continue working on my niece’s quilt. It would be great to get it mailed by next week, if possible.

On a side note, one of the last things to do on my list last week was to start South Beach; to eat healthier and be healthier.  So far I have lost 3.5 pounds!  I know it was mostly water weight, and losing that much in one week is not healthy long-term, but I am pleased with that start.  Yay!

This week’s To-Do list:

  • Fix quilt label. Done 1/18
  • Install new check spring and adjust tension as needed. Done 1/18
  • Continue quilting Moxie for niece. Almost done!
  • Continue South Beach: Phase 1

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4 thoughts on “To-Do Tuesday 1-13-15 | Crappy Quilting Weeks

  1. Oh what a bummer! I know exactly what you mean about having it all fall apart around it. I am glad to hear you are taking it in stride and have a great plan to finish up after a few deep breaths.


    1. Oh, yes… I know you can definitely relate! Although I think you’d definitely win in the “frustrated with your sewing machine” category! I’m hoping that’s working itself out for you!!


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