2 thoughts on “Charles Boxy Pouch

  1. These pouches are amazing! Love them. I wonder if you have and sell the pattern. I am a newby to sewing and it would be a good project. I am also interested in the cross stitching pattern you did for your anniversary. I have a partner for 21 years but we only married in 2014. Id love to do that to have it at home, I will just have to adapt it and do it Mr and Mr!


    1. Thank you so much for your kind comments, Jess! I used a free online Boxy Pouch tutorial by Pink Stitches and it can be found HERE.

      The cross stitch pattern was so much fun! It would be very easy to change the “Mrs” to a “Mr”(Congratulations, by the way!!). I’d suggest centering it and perhaps adding an asterisk on either side, mimicking the “SOUL” stitched on the right side of the project. The pattern is Wedding Sampler by Emma Congdon of Stitchrovia and is from the May 2014 issue of CrossStitcher. I changed the original colors in the pattern from pinks to peacock blues. I’ll be sending you an email following up with more information later this evening!

      Welcome to the addictive world of sewing! There is a fantastic group of sewists and quilters over on Instagram and they are incredibly helpful and supportive. I hope you’ll find us over there too!


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