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Update | Seam Guide for Walking Foot

UPDATE 11-6-2017: I’m sorry to say that the Thread Stand Hero website is no longer active.
I do not know where, or if, the Quilting Foot Seam Guide Attachment is still available. 

After using my new Quilting Foot Seam Guide Attachment by Thread Stand Hero on the Eerie quilt, I wanted to give a quick update about it.

Walking foot and Seam Guide Attachment pieces with both aluminum and plastic rod shown
Walking foot and Seam Guide Attachment pieces with both aluminum and plastic rod shown

First, let me say that I love this Seam Guide.  It is a great option for those walking feet that do not have a guide. I noted in my initial post about it that there was some vibration in the arms when stitching.  That vibration started to annoy me slightly.  I showed my husband the seam guide and walking foot in action. I asked if there was some other metal tubing that might work better to stabilize the arms, rather than the sturdy plastic rod that came with the seam guide.  He had some scrap aluminum tubing in the exact size as the plastic rod, 3/16″, and we tried that instead. It worked great!

Seam Guide Attachment on foot, inch markings on both sides
Seam Guide Attachment on foot, inch markings on both sides

It’s easy to replace your plastic rod with the aluminum tube.  You can find this tube at your local hardware store.  They are usually sold in longer lengths, but you can ask if they’ll cut them down for you.  If not, you can use a small hacksaw/metal saw and cut the tube to the size you want. Mister cut my rod at 8.25″.  After cutting, grab some sand paper and run it over the end to remove any sharp edges.

I used a ruler to help center the rod onto the foot. Then I used an ultra-fine tip sharpie and made marks on the rod to note where the arms should be at 1″, 2″ and 3″.  To be sure the arms would consistently be at those measurements, I also marked around where the clip should be on the walking foot.

The vibrations on the arms of the seam guide have disappeared. Switching out the supporting plastic rod with the aluminum tube is NOT necessary, but should you find the arm vibration to be distracting or annoying, it is a good solution.

6 thoughts on “Update | Seam Guide for Walking Foot

  1. Thank you for posting this. It was just the fix I needed. I got tired of marking the quilts in grids. Not sure why I didn’t search for this sooner.


    1. I’m so glad this was helpful! My only complaint about this machine was the issue of not being able to have a walking foot/guide combination. I am glad for this solution!


  2. This looks amazing and just what would solve my problems as well! Is this product still available do you know? The links are no longer active. Thank you!


    1. Emily, Thank you for your comment! I didn’t realize that the links were no longer active. I just did some searching online, and it looks like they have taken their website down completely. I am not sure if they’ve gone out of business or not. I can’t seem to find these for sale anywhere else either, I am so sorry! I will update my post to reflect this change.


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