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Becoming Weary of Eerie | To-Do Tuesday 10-27-14

Yes, it’s true… I’m a bit tired of still working on the Eerie quilt. I think it’s more that I’m just disappointed I won’t have more time to enjoy the quilt during Halloween before having to put it away. I’m not entirely convinced I’ll actually finish it by Halloween either. Although my fingers are crossed for a timely finish!

Eerie Quilting In Progress
Eerie Quilting In Progress

It seemed that every day I had plans to work on the quilt ended up being spent having to run errands, or deal with some child issue. I also had an unpicking session when I discovered several rows had tension problems I didn’t notice during the quilting. So pretty much life happened last week, as did the usual quilting issues. At least the cross hatch quilting is done on the blocks as of yesterday and now all I have to do is quilt the borders! I have decided to machine quilt the binding too. I don’t like to do that, I really prefer to hand stitch it to the back, but I need to get this quilt finished as I also have a Bee block that needs to be made and I must get mailed out by Friday. I just love how I always underestimate the time needed to make quilts!

This week’s To-Do list:

  • Quilt Eerie Borders Done 10/30
  • Bind Eerie quilt Done 10/30
  • Make and mail October Modern InstaBee block Done 11/3

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Now let’s get sewing… or whatever there is to do on your list!

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10 thoughts on “Becoming Weary of Eerie | To-Do Tuesday 10-27-14

  1. I love the quilting. The cross hatch was definitely the way to go. Also, who says you can’t leave the quilt out for a week or so past Halloween just to enjoy it for a bit? I would totally do that! Especially since this quilt is so awesome looking!


    1. I really like how the quilting turned out too! I originally had it as a wide cross hatch, just an “X” through the block. After looking at it I realized it needed more lines and I’m glad I took the time to quilt it more!

      Oh, and I am going to keep it out a little longer too! It is going to be too sad to finish it and then fold it and put it in the closet for a year!


  2. I like this quilt and I hope you finish so you can enjoy it. I don’t like making “seasonal” quilts because I’m usually late getting them done or I get sick of looking at it before it’s finished 😦 I like the cross-hatching quilting. It’s my preferred way to quilt. I’ve tried free-motion but don’t have the patience/dexterity for it. I use to hand stitch my binding to the back but since I got older my fingers get too cramped so I’ve learned how to attach my binding by machine and I love getting it done quickly.

    I’m new to your blog and enjoy it very much 🙂


    1. Thank you! It’s funny, I’m not really a seasonal quilt maker either. I ended up impulse buying an Eerie charm pack over the summer while we were traveling and after returning home wondered what on earth I was going to make with it. Then I stumbled across an Eerie Jelly Roll for $25, and realized I could make a quick throw quilt with both of them. The quilt top came together rather quickly, but the quilting has been very slowly coming along. It’s really just dealing with the daily “life” stuff and not having as much time to quilt as I hoped. That’s okay, it will be done soon and then I can enjoy it all during all of the the other Halloweens!

      I am still working on my free-motion quilting. The Moxie quilt I made a month or so ago was great practice for me, and I finished that quilt in a shorter amount of time than this quilt! I still have a long way to go before I would consider my quilting “good”, but at least it’s getting done! Ha!

      So glad you enjoy the blog; I appreciate your reading and commenting!!

      Happy Stitching,


  3. Writing down my to-do list is good this week, hopefully it’s realistic! Thanks for the linky and enjoy your quilt! (And my Christmas quilt was on the sofa *all year*…so no reason you can’t leave this one out for a month or so, right?)


    1. I hope you get what you want accomplished on your list! I keep trying to make my lists realistic, but then I always seem to get the amount of time needed for a project wrong. Oh well, they will get done eventually!

      I like the idea of leaving this quilt out for a while! Maybe I’ll just leave it out until after Halloween 2015! Haha!!


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