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LED Replacement Bulb for Singer Featherweight 221


Recently Mister found a replacement LED lightbulb for my Singer Featherweight.  All I can say is… WOW!  What a difference a bulb makes.  My sewing area is much brighter, and I no longer accidentally burn myself… BONUS!

Mister had a difficult time finding a reasonably priced bulb.  As some of you may know, they sell online for about $35.  What?!?!  Yeah, it’s crazy.  Anyway, he found a source that will sell in bulk to him and he decided to start selling them himself for $10 SHIPPED! If you’re interested, I’ve set up a page HERE sharing all the details and set up a contact form for you to send us an email requesting a bulb order or to get more information. You can also click the LED image in the sidebar to quickly get to the page.

As we get bulbs in stock you’ll also see me posting on Instagram and you can contact me there if you’re interested.

Happy Sewing (with a brighter, less burn-the-tips-of-your-fingers-off, light!)

18 thoughts on “LED Replacement Bulb for Singer Featherweight 221

    1. Paula, I’m sorry to say that they do not fit the 301. To directly quote my husband from the order page, “IMPORTANT NOTE: These bulbs do NOT fit into my Singer Model 301, because the 301 uses a deeper socket than the 221. I assume all 301s and 301As would have similar sockets, but I do not have them to test. So please don’t buy one for use in a 301, even though both the 221 and the 301 use the same incandescent bulb. You will be unhappy and I don’t want that to happen!”

      I will send this answer to you via email as well, to ensure that you get the response!


    1. Hi, Kathy!

      I believe Brad has already responded to your question via the bulb request, but I’ll answer here as well. The 500a does take the same kind of bulb as the 301 and 401 series.

      Thank you so much for your question!


  1. Purchased the LED bulb for the Featherweight, and it is great. Cool bulb, and bright light. Bulb and service were excellent. Brad even included a 2nd bulb that clouds up (for diffused light if the LED is too bright). Thanks Brad!!


  2. I just ordered 2 (two) LED standard bulbs for a Singer Featherweight 221. What I meant is standard “Cool white” I hope I didn’t screw things up on that.
    My wife has had trouble getting bulbs for her machines and they are so hot. These must be better. Thank you


    1. Gene, no worries, “standard bulbs” are the cool white bulbs! We sell very few warm white. You should have them shortly; hopefully today!

      Christine & Brad


    2. Christine, you are such a sweet heart! (Brad too). Just received the bulbs and installed them. They work perfectly, very bright and only get warm. My wife is going to see if anyone else in her Guild would want some. She said there are at least 6 feather weight 221.
      Thank you so much for you very fast service and good product.


  3. I ordered 2 led lights. The address given was Canadian. Can you please give my an email that I can send you a U.S. Address. Thanks Cheryl


    1. Hi Kay:
      Yes, the 104 LED has the socket smoothed off so that it will allow the bulb to be seated inside the socket further. The White 221K7 (its official name) has a different socket than the black or tan machines, so the regular bulbs will light up, but they will not be able to twist and lock into place. The 104 LED works perfectly and is $1.00 more than the regular 72LED bulb that fits everything else that takes the 15mm push and twist bayonet bulbs. ($11 for one, shipped to a US address.) Thanks!


  4. Brad,
    I found that the Singer 237 (zigzag) and 239 (straight stitch) require the smoothed off socket, 104 LED bulb. Thank you for providing these 104 LED bulbs.


    1. Thanks for the info Mark. Always a few exceptions to the rules/ I’ve found that some of the very earliest black 221s need the 104 as well. I have a 1934 221…you’ve reminded me to check it.


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