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Big Blog Changes Coming

I took a break from blogging over the summer, but didn’t quite mean to stay away so long.  And, in true Christine fashion, I have since decided to completely change things up for my blog.  Which meant I’ve kept myself from adding to the blog in anticipation of changes.

First, a few brief catch up collages:

Mister and I went to Oregon for vacation this summer where we indulged in way too much food and spent way too much time going to thrift shops and estate sales.

Summer Vacation to Oregon
Summer Vacation to Oregon

I also visited a few quilt shops.  I ended up coming home with over 40 yards, yes YARDS, of fabric.  Um… gulp! (but secretly…. squeeeeeee!!!)

So. Much. Fabric.  Not pictured is Greenbaum's Quilted Forest storefront, but I did get an inside picture.
So. Much. Fabric. Not pictured is Greenbaum’s Quilted Forest storefront, but I did get an inside picture.

I started doing cross stitching to keep from going through quilting withdrawals.  And promptly became addicted.  Now I have a routine of quilting/sewing during the day and my evenings are spent cross stitching.

Stitch ALL The Things!!
Stitch ALL The Things!!

I completed my daughter’s graduation quilt just as I was leaving for summer.  I’ve also done a Sugar Block Club block (still far behind on those!) and a few Modern Insta Bee Blocks.

Graduation quilt and some blocks.
Graduation quilt and some blocks.

Okay, now that catch up is done, down to bidness… I have not really been excited about my blog name since the beginning.  I probably should have waited to start my blog when I had a name I loved, but I was impatient and just went with the closest blog name that sounded ok.  Which is so like me.  Having said that, I am in the midst of moving this blog content over to a new website with a new name.  Yippee!!  I have a name that I love, that really seems to be me, and is no longer associated with my hair color.

I am aiming to do the move in one week — next Tuesday.  I will do a reveal then, and will possibly have a giveaway to celebrate (and to motivate you all to go follow my new website instead of this one!).  I WILL be starting up To-Do Tuesdays again if you’re interested in continuing to participate in that. A positive change for To Do Tuesdays is that on the new website you’ll be able to see all the individual links at the bottom of the page…. Awesome!

Now that I’ve given myself a deadline, I’m off to get everything done.  I actually have the title of the new website somewhere within this post.  Leave me a comment if you think you’ve found it. Unless your name is Sarah and you blog over at Georgia Girl Quilts (she already knows). Or you’re Mister, since he knows too.  Have a wonderful week and I hope you’ll stay tuned for the new website reveal!

16 thoughts on “Big Blog Changes Coming

  1. You left out that over the summer you MADE me take up a new hobby, collecting Singer Featherweight 221s to fix up and sell. This house currently has a total of 13 sewing machines, and you are the only sewer!!


  2. I am so excited for you! For everything! Okay, my guess: So. Much. Fabric.
    I think it sounds like you. But then again, every sentence I read………… haha
    I hope you’ll have blog buttons available for the To Do Tuesdays. I’m still trying to figure out how to design a button for Thrifty Thursdays on my blog. So anyway, I can’t wait for the reveal!


  3. I solemnly swear not to blurt out your new blog name. Also, that Florence block up there? It’s still one of my favorite blocks I’ve ever seen. It’s absolutely perfect.


  4. Here’s my guess: True Christine. That is one of three, but I’m going with that one for now. tee hee. And just how much $$ Misterofthedash for those smooth running Feather Weights? I just arranged for a friend to sell hers, and have left myself without one! What WAS I thinking!?


  5. I think it’s amazing what you’re doing – I honestly don’t understand how you can cope with quilting, sewing AND cross-stitching, thats amazing! Well done you! I’ve only just discovered your blog and I want to know what the big reveal is in it’s full content!


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