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Sunday Stash: Thrifty Treasures

Ya’ll, I have not been wanting to write any blog posts. I can write 450 bajillion words in a single blog post, but I’ve been too tired to even find the words the past few days.  I took pictures to link up to SEWjo Saturday yesterday.  I downloaded them to my computer and then promptly trashed them.  It just felt like too much work, you know?  Have you been there?  Maybe it’s just me.

Anyyyyywhooooo…. I was going to pass on doing today’s post too.  I just plopped down onto the sofa and figured I should probably check and see what I was supposed to write about.  So that I would not feel bad about not writing about it.  But when I saw what was scheduled for today, I immediately perked up.  I SO have the energy to talk about my fantabulous thrift store find… A serger!!

Singer 14U 44B Serger "Suzie"
Singer 14U 44B Serger

Years ago I made some adorable lined dresses, (with tulle underskirts and Bolero jackets) for my girls.  I used my mom’s serger and was amazed at how professional the dresses looked. Knowing what a serger is capable of doing, and knowing I was going to delve into apparel sewing sometime this year, I have been keeping my eyes peeled for a serger.  I had one on my Amazon wish list, but was waiting for it to go down in price a bit (it has only gone up… of course). Every time Mister and I went into the thrift shops, I was always looking for a serger.  And I found one at Salvation Army.  For $35.  SERIOUSLY. Yay!

This one sews like a dream!  It is in such amazing condition it makes me wonder if it was really even used.  It had a light coating of dust, hardly any lint, and the cutting blades are nice and sharp.  It only had one needle, so I got a pack of 10 needles from WAWAK.  I also purchased Maxilock thread from them for $1.79 a spool (normally $4.59!).  I’ve had an opportunity to use the serger already… So I removed the old thread spools that came with it, oiled it, put the four charcoal spools on and got to work altering some seat covers for Mister’s truck.  I absolutely LOVE this machine!  I’ve named her “Suzie”.

Red's needles and threads Like... LITERALLY.
Red’s needles and threads

I picked up a couple of sewing books from the thrift shop as well.  They were a $1.50 each. I am so thrilled with my thrift store purchases!

Thrift Store Finds
Thrift Store Finds

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