Sunday Stash

Sunday Stash: An assortment of Quilty stuff

I missed last week’s Sunday Stash as I spent the weekend sewing up the Bye Bye Love bag.  After sewing it up and writing the accompanying blog post, I had zero energy for writing a second blog post.  So this week will have last week’s non-fabric quilty-related things with this week’s fabric bundles.

First some non-fabric items.  I decided I had enough of fighting a couple of quilt books while trying to sew the patterns in them.  So a couple weeks ago I grabbed the rebellious little books and marched them right down to Staples where I forced them to have their stubborn spines replaced with spiral binding.  SO. MUCH. BETTER.  I wish that Staples had a white spiral option available rather than blue or black (seriously? blue or black?!), but alas they did not.  Still, these books work so much better for me like this.

Spiral Binding for my most used books!
Spiral Binding for my most used books!

Another little goody I recently discovered at Hawthorne Threads was Jaybird Quilts Mini Hex N More ruler.  I can’t WAIT to make a mini-Disco quilt!

Mini Hex N More Ruler
Mini Hex N More Ruler

My last non-fabric item is this fantastic shirt I got from Patchwork Threads. I absolutely love how soft and comfy it is.  The shirts run a size large, so order smaller than you normally would.  Really.  Trust me.  They are also crew neck, which I normally do not find very comfortable, but this shirt is soft enough that it doesn’t irritate me at all.  In fact, I washed it the very next day so I could wear it again right away.  Seriously. 

Patchwork Threads Shirt
Patchwork Threads Shirt

As far as fabric goes, I’m sharing my monthly fabric club bundles. First up is my half-stash (6 fabrics) 1/2 yard Intrepid Thread Rainbow Must-Stash club.  It’s very likely that I will be canceling this in the next month or so (sorry, Julie!).  I cringe at the thought because I love the fabrics, but I have enough now that my book case is completely full.  And since the point was to build up a stash and not collect fabric, it’s high time I start using up the fabric I have on hand. Radical thought, I know.  My one exception is Tula Pink.  I will collect her fabric all the live-long day, people.  This month Julie sent Moda’s Bee My Honey “Honeybee” blenders.  These are fantastic!  As always, I love the little handwritten note and two charm-sized fabrics they include with every order.

Bee My Honey "Honeycomb" blenders
Bee My Honey “Honeycomb” blenders

And, finally, my Marmalade Fabrics Around The Color Wheel 1/2 yard bundle.  This month’s color is Gold, so this bundle included Kona colors in Amber, Gold, Butterscotch, Ochre, Mustard, and Curry.  A couple of these fabrics, Butterscotch and Ochre, look like the same hue.  I can see a slight difference now in the photo, but had a bit of difficulty seeing it in the light of my hobby room.  I wasn’t exactly sure about where I’d use those two colors.  Then play crafts posted a blog entitled For the Love of Color: Ochre.  Perfect timing, and amazing explanation along with examples of using this color as a supporting color.

Marmalade Fabrics  Around the Color Wheel "Gold"
Marmalade Fabrics
Around the Color Wheel “Gold”

And that’s it for this week!

I’m linking up with the ever fabulous and always inspirational Molli Sparkles Work In Progress Girl.  I’m posting this early, since the linky is already up for the Aussie bloggers where it’s already “tomorrow” and I know that when my tomorrow actually becomes “today” I won’t have time to get this linked up.


15 thoughts on “Sunday Stash: An assortment of Quilty stuff

  1. Love the new t, Christine!!! We can all relate. Mmmm… Those honeybee blenders are sure tempting. They are sew-weet! Have fun making with your books that will now behave and that cute hex-n-more. Looking forward to seeing your mini!


  2. I love the idea of binding books, They should all just come that way! But now I just think you are brilliant. I loved doing a fabric of the month club (did one last year) I finally used some of the solids I received in a binding and must break into the charm packs.


  3. I wish more books would come with spiral binding – cookbooks and craft books – it’s so much more useful! I didn’t know you could get them spiral bound like that though … I’ll have to remember that for the future.

    Those honeycomb blenders are great… I was just telling Jo at Riddleandwhimsy how tempting I’m finding them…


  4. I hope my Staples will do this, it would be especially useful when the author expects you to photocopy a template out of a book which is printed close to the inside of the page (grumble). And the honeycomb blenders are super.


  5. Those blue Bee My Honey hexies are so pretty ahhh I want them but I have so many blues…

    I used to get the Stash Stack bundles from Pink Castle Fabrics and ended up cancelling it after a while too. I loved receiving them and still want them, but in the end they helped build my stash and I want to put that money towards fabrics I love rather than fabrics I “need”.


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