To-Do Tuesday

To-Do Tuesday: 3-18-14

Happy Day-After-St.-Patty’s-Day-I-Hope-The-Hangover-Isn’t-Too-Bad-Day! Also, it’s To-Do Tuesday… Already!!!

It seems like this last week just flew by for me. All of the days/weeks are like that lately. I only managed to get a couple of things accomplished, as we ended up spending our days running lots of errands and handling “life” stuff. However, I’m very pleased with what I managed to get done!

March Modern InstaBee Block with borders
March Modern InstaBee Block with borders

I managed to get my “copy” of the March Insta-Bee block done. I added borders to it, because it’s a 12.5″ unfinished block and February’s block was 15.5″ unfinished. I actually had to do the borders twice, because my math was 1/4″ off all the way around. Naturally. One of these days I’ll figure out the quilt maths without wanting to bang my head against the table.

Bye Bye Love Bag

I also completed one of the Bag of The Month Club bags I’ve had on my to-do list since the beginning of the To-Do list. I figured I could whip this puppy up in a day or two. Wrong. I always forget that the starching, ironing, cutting, and fusing interfacing always seems to take forever. Actually, it feels like that’s about 2/3rds of the work in bag-making. It took me two days to get that done (along with all the errand/life stuff), another day to sew, and yet another day to fix an error or two. But I am so pleased with the bag, I don’t even care that the majority of my sewing this week was all about the bag!

Here’s this week’s list… Which means pretty much moving lots of stuff from last week to this week:

  • Make Josh’s dentist appointment. (Don’t forget to arrange for orthodontist to remove wire before and replace after.)
  • Make Week 8 & Week 9 Vintage Quilt Revival Blocks Done Mar 22nd
  • Make March Sugar Block Club Block
  • Finish embroidering blocks for secret quilt
  • Write up How-To Make a Quilt for friend (if any of you know of a great blog tutorial for this, please leave it in the comments for me… no sense repeating the same thing!)Thank you to Quilt Paradigm for directing me to a beginner quilting series!
  • Write Sunday Stash Post Done Mar 22nd
  • Continue working on the How-To/Tips page for the Brother PQ-1500S
  • Make February Bag of the Month
  • Make March Bag of the Month

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That’s it!  Now let’s get sewing… or whatever there is to do on your list!

7 thoughts on “To-Do Tuesday: 3-18-14

  1. Wow, that bag is amazing! Don’t beat yourself up that it took a couple of days, I’m sure it would take me longer! Good luck with the to do list and I will see you at Sunday stash!


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