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Sunday Stash: A surprise gift! Also, Where I Say “BadAss”. A LOT.

Bad Ass Quilter Mug

One of my recent “quilting” related purchases is this completely awesome, dare I say “Bad Ass”, mug from Spool who sells BadAss Quilter merchandise. I love the whole concept of the BadAss Quilter Society, so I knew this mug had to be MINE.

From the BadAss Quilter Society About Page: “Little did I  know that there were  thousands of other BadAss Quilters out there looking for a place to hang loose, talk fabric and swap the occasional off color joke all the while being free from the oppressive notion of what quilters were “supposed to be”.”

Speaking of BadAss Quilters, one thing I have learned in joining the online sewing and quilting community is that sewists (or sewers/seamstress/whatever term you prefer) and quilters are not only Bad Ass, but are also some of the most kind and generous people you will ever meet.  Seriously.  They are generous with their time, with their encouragement, with their advice, with their gifts (hello beautiful handmade gifts!), and even with their stash.  I’ve seen Instagrammers post “ISO” pictures of rare, out-of-print fabrics and others immediately respond with offers to mail them fat quarter… some with no expectation of reciprocation.  However, I’ve yet to see a recipient NOT reciprocate with an overabundance of fabric, supplies, notions, or handmade gifts as a “Thank You”.  

Most of my personal interaction with this community is on Instagram.  There are obviously other online avenues where connections are made, but the majority of my connections have happened where the “pretty pictures” are.  (Unless you just saw the picture of the rotary cutter accident… that was NOT pretty. Please be very careful with your cutters!!).

Two weeks ago I received an Instagram notification that one of my fellow Instagrammers, evildemondevildog (Paul Hallinger), tagged me in a picture.  Paul is an amazing quilter, and a machine when it comes to whipping up quilts (STUNNING quilts)!  His Instagram pictures are always inspiring.  He is also always very encouraging of other quilters, and is a real asset to the quilting community, particularly on Instagram. So when I read the caption of the picture I was tagged in, I was completely shocked, and thrilled!

@redneedlethread I think it needs to become a mug rug to go with your badass quilter mug. What ya say?

Mug Rug from Paul H

He made me an AWESOME, nay… BADASS, embroidered mug rug to go with my BadAss Quilter mug!  It. Is. B.A.D.A.S.S.  And… I had it in my hands within one week of him tagging me in that picture!  Not only did he send me the most BadAss mug rug in all the land of BadAssery, he even included some gorgeous pieces of fabric and a fun little note!

What a fantastic addition to my “stash”!  I know it’s a mugrug, and I’m supposed to use it, but I simply cannot.  I do not want to risk ruining it!  I have it hanging in my sewing room instead. It’s perfectly represents me, and it makes me smile.  Thank you, Paul, for constantly inspiring the IG community with your creations, with your encouraging comments, and for making this awesome gift! Also, for sharing dog pictures.  Because #dogsofinstagram rule! Also, if you’re on IG and you haven’t followed Paul there, you really should! I’m not kidding about the great pictures and constant inspiration.  You’ll “wow” with every picture!

By the way, Paul blogs over at Quilting Adventures of Evildemondevildog and is part of a very creative and great group of men participating in the No Girls Allowed Quilting Bee (which is AWESOME)!  I love that there are some talented men out there creating stunning quilts, taking an active part in the quilting community, encouraging and inspiring us all to be better quilters!

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8 thoughts on “Sunday Stash: A surprise gift! Also, Where I Say “BadAss”. A LOT.

  1. You are absolutely right about everything you’ve said about Paul, the quilting community, and being a BadAss Quilter! The whole package and scenario is why it’s great to be part of this community. Thanks for sharing!


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