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Friday Finishes… Sorta

Good grief. These titles I’ve been coming up with lately. “Friday Finishes” “To-Do Tuesday” “Sunday Stash”

I’ve become an alliterating fool. *sigh* All I need now is to add a “WIP Wednesday” and come up with something for Monday (ohhhh..epiphany! “Motorcycle Monday”… Works for me!). I’m totally ignoring Thursday and Saturday.

Also, I don’t know if finishing blocks that were on my weekly to-do list count as a “Finish”, but I’ve decided that in my world it does!

Anyway, on to the blocks. I finished quilting the Stitches block from Pile O’ Fabric’s Skill Builder BOM series. Each “stitch” square within the block finshed at 3″. So there were some pretty tiny areas to quilt. I definitely got to practice working on my “straight stitch” when doing free-motion quilting.

Skill Builder "Stitches" block
Skill Builder “Stitches” block

I also completed my two Vintage Quilt Revival blocks for week 7. I am getting so excited to see this quilt finished.  I have a feeling it’s going to be SO awesome.  Probably my favorite so far.  And it will be MINE.  (Just sayin’.)

When I made the Wheel of Fortune block I was so very careful to be sure the colors were in the right place.  I even laid all the template pieces, along with the cut fabric pieces, around in a circle to be sure.  Except that I forgot that when you look at a paper piece template you are looking at the reverse side of the paper piece.  So I ended up with my color wheel going counter-clockwise. After having spent an entire afternoon sewing this block (while not feeling very well), I decided to go with a phrase I’ve heard recently from Nina With Freckles, “Done is better than perfect”.  Also, a big lesson was learned, so there’s that!

7 VQR Wheel of Fortune
Vintage Quilt Revival: Wheel of Fortune Block

The Tilted Star block was my first time sewing with partial seams.  I actually enjoyed it!  I did have to rip out the initial partial seam and a full side because I was doing too scant of a 1/4″ again.  I just breathed deeply, sewed slowly and was able to finish it nicely!

7 VQR Tilted Star
Vintage Quilt Revival: Tilted Star

Only three more weeks and all the blocks will be done!  I think I may start sneaking in some cutting time to get the sashing pieces ready for when the blocks are finished.  I don’t want to be tempted to put aside the blocks and have this be a quilt that ends up as a UFO while I try to “find the time” to assemble the top.  I may or may not already have three sets of blocks that are waiting for me to put together because of that very reason.

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8 thoughts on “Friday Finishes… Sorta

  1. Hello ! Again, I love the quilting you are doing on the Skill Building BOM blocks! I’m just pulling fabric to start my blocks. And, funny, I just started a quilt using a pattern from a different source of the Wheel of Fortune. Question – what size are the wheel pieces? The dark gray in your block. My pattern says 5″ x 2 1/2″ and they just don’t fit – too small. Love yours, btw!


  2. I love the Skill Builder blocks. Also, your VQR quilt is going to be amazing! Your points are so perfect! Now, if I could just get caught up on mine. I’m 2 weeks behind again! 8-(


  3. I think your blocks are stunning. Love the plain colors and your choices and placement. Your finished quilt is going to be super…can’t wait to see it. genie


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