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Sugar Block Club 2014


Last year I participated in the 2013 Sugar Block Club by Amy Gibson of Stitchery Dickory Dock.  I enjoyed it so much that I signed up to sew along with her again for the 2014 Sugar Block Club! On the first day of each month Amy sends a new pattern and a yummy recipe.  This year she decided to go beyond a pattern and recipe and has included a personal challenge for each month.

Kim's Quilt - The Sugar Block Club
Last Year’s 2013 Sugar Block Club Quilt

I must admit that I have not focused a lot on the personal challenge aspect of the BOM.  Not that I don’t want to, I’ve just found myself so busy that I haven’t had the time.  What I find interesting is that I’ll read through the challenge and even though I don’t have time to really meditate and think on it, I will remember it as situations come up during the month.  So even though I haven’t made it a focus of my month, Amy’s words resonate with me throughout the month.  And I appreciate the extra “food for thought” aspect of participating in this sew along.

Inspiration fabric
Inspiration fabric (sorry for the bad picture)

Last year I went with Kate Spain’s Cuzco fabric line when sewing up my blocks.  This year I decided to challenge myself in my weakest area as a quilter: Color.  My fabric pull was inspired by the grey Medallion print in Denyse Schmidt’s Florence line. It is a print that has all the colors/shades that I am not comfortable using together.  I determined that if Denyse Schmidt could put a fantastic fabric line together using them, then I should be able to put together prints and use them together in a block.

Fabric Pull
Fabric Pull

I had fun with January’s block. I will be using the Medallion print as a focal part of each block. Choosing the black fabric to be part of the center of the block had me chuckling at how “rebel-ish” I felt at doing something different.  I really liked how it turned out!

January Block
January Block

February’s block was a bit more difficult for me.  Lately I seem to be having trouble with making my seams too scant.  When I trim the block up I end up taking too much off so that when the blocks are finally assembled any points at the edges will have been taken off because I cut into the seam allowance.  I had a particularly difficult time with this on a couple of other blocks. It’s not as bad on this block as it was on another (that I ripped out and re-sewed THREE times), but this is clearly an area for me to work on.

February Block
February Block

Again with the black in the center!!  I am having fun with these fabrics and using them together.  I think 2014 is the year of trying different things and so far I’m loving it!


5 thoughts on “Sugar Block Club 2014

  1. Your fabrics are working out great. I actually made February by the stitch and flip method, and some of the units were still a bit scant. I admire how evenly your on point square came out


  2. Beautiful! I LOOOOOOOVE your fabrics!
    I’ve bookmarked this BOM club for next year. This year, between the BOM I’m already in and my personal project and taking care of an infant and toddler, I’m already overwhelmed! 😛 This will all get so much easier as they grow up won’t it?


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