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Sunday Stash #6: February Fabric Club Bundles

I have two fabric “subscriptions” that I get every month.  There are quite a few monthly fabric clubs you can join, and I did quite a bit of research and calculating before deciding on two and subscribing to them.  One club to build up my printed stash, and one to build up my solid (Kona) stash.


The printed fabric club I chose is the Rainbow Must-Stash from The Intrepid Thread (of course!).   I chose the 6 half-yard half-stash bundle.  This month was a beautiful rainbow of a new stash builder Julie got into the shop called “Citrus”.  So bright and cheerful… I just love it!

WM Marmalade Fabrics February half yd Kona bundle
Around The Color Wheel: Kona Solids HY bundle
I just realized I didn’t photograph this with the Kona Snow that was included in the bundle. Oops!

The solid fabric club I chose is the Around The Color Wheel half-yard Kona bundle by Marmalade Fabrics.  I have been able to build up my solids using this club, and this month I was able to add white/neutrals to my stash.  I have only been using Kona Snow as my go-to background fabric, so it was nice to get a few of the other whites to see how I like them.  It also turned out to be perfect timing, because two of my hive-mates in the Modern Insta-Bee have asked for Kona White to be their background color.  I also love how Tammy labels each fabric piece.  I have also learned to keep track of those labels.

(Someone here very possibly might have just ordered 3 yards of Caribbean Kona because that was the label on one side of a particular piece of half-yard fabric, and then discovered that what they actually wanted to order was 3 yards of Capri Kona… whose label happened to be on the other side of the particular piece of half-yard fabric.)  

Around The Color Wheel Low Volume FQ bundle
Around The Color Wheel
Low Volume FQ bundle

This month Tammy inadvertently sent me the Around The Color Wheel Low Volume fat quarter bundle.  Since I don’t have a lot of low volume fabrics in my stash, this was a really fortunate accident.  Mainly because I just love these fabrics, but also because a third hive-mate is asking for a low volume background for her block.  Again with the great timing from Tammy!!

The one thing I love about these clubs is that every time I’ve gotten my fabric in, I’ve always had a need for one or more of the pieces of fabric included in the bundles.  Plus, I’m guaranteed happy mail at least twice a month!

I’m linking up with the ever fabulous and always inspirational, Molli Sparkles Mila + Cuatro


6 thoughts on “Sunday Stash #6: February Fabric Club Bundles

  1. Great additions to your stash there, I’ve been thinking about signing up to a club – in particular one of Marmalade Fabric’s – but just haven’t taken the plunge yet, the shipping to NZ is what’s stopping me, although Tammy has said she’d send me them every second month to save on shipping. Thanks for linking up!


  2. I haven’t seen those “graph paper” colors before and I love them! You raise a good point about doing the math – I sort of jumped right in to the monthly club I’m doing and even though I love what I’ve gotten, I never thought to compare and see if the rate is better elsewhere : P Next year I’ll have to be more savvy!


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