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The Granddaughter’s Housewarming Present

Mister’s granddaughter, who I proudly claim as my granddaughter too (even though she’s actually old enough to be my daughter… Or rather, I’m young enough to be her mother. Nevermind, that’s probably a story for another day. Or not. Annnyyyyyywayyyyy). She turned 18 in November and graduated from high school shortly thereafter.  6 months early! This granddaughter is a highly motivated, independent and smart young woman. And she is taking charge of life and planning/organizing/living it well.

While we have enjoyed watching her grow up these past few years that she has lived near us, we recently had the privilege of being invited to her first “this is my own place” for a housewarming party.  And I immediately decided to make her a set of four placemats and napkins.

Placemats & Napkins
Placemats & Napkins

I only had about three days to decide on a pattern, buy fabric, and get everything made.  On Tuesday night I discovered Elizabeth Hartman’s Color Block Placemats + Napkins sew along on Sew Mama Sew.  On Wednesday we had errands to run, shopping to do, and appointments to attend to, so I all I was able to get done that day was a run to Hobby Lobby to pick up the fabrics, and then pre-wash and iron them that evening.

Hobby Lobby fabrics
Hobby Lobby fabrics

I am NOT a fan of the Hobby Lobby material.  But I did not have time to order any from my usual shops, so I had to make do.  They had some nice looking fabrics in colors that the granddaughter mentioned she liked (darker neutrals and neutrals), so I picked them up and hoped for the best.  I also found some Kona in the Sand color there, and added that to the bundle as well.  There is such an obvious difference in the quality of fabric that after I assembled the placemats I fused some Pellon SF101 to the back just to add some sturdiness to them.


The first day of sewing I was able to get all the fabrics cut, and the napkins done.  The second day I pieced the placemats, quilted them and completely finished the binding on two of them.  On the third day (the day of the party) I finished handsewing the binding to the back of the placemats.  I actually had about 4 hours to spare… which seems to be the norm for me. *sigh*  One day I’ll do better at planning ahead!

Quilting on the reverse side of the placemat.  Also, I remembered to add my personalized label!
Quilting on the reverse side of the placemat. Also, I remembered to add my personalized label!

I think the granddaughter liked the placemat/napkin set.  It looks fancier than I wanted, and I had to tell her that they were meant to be used. Hopefully she’ll use them! I actually like this pattern so much that I may make some for the house here.  I also may make them for some Christmas presents too.

Way to go, granddaughter!! We are so proud of you and so happy for you!

“Gramma C”


3 thoughts on “The Granddaughter’s Housewarming Present

    1. Shhhh!! I don’t even let my husband know how much it costs to make these things, as compared to buying them at the store. LOL

      I love the idea of using cloth napkins every night at dinner! I’d probably do that here, were it not for having to scrub stains out of them from the kids using them… The cloth napkins come out for special dinners and holidays, which is pretty much the opposite of my belief that “even the fancy stuff should be used and enjoyed”. My laziness in stain management is what hinders me from using the nicer things more consistently.


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