To-Do Tuesday

To-Do Tuesday: 2-11-14

To Do Tuesday button I’ve decided to start doing a blog post on every Tuesday that notes my current “To-Do” list.  I even made an image to go with each post.  I’m pretty proud of it, as simple as it is, given my mediocre skills with Gimp. As in, I have none. I have a main To-Do page that encompasses the major projects I am planning on getting done throughout the year.  That list is just not enough. I have felt a little overwhelmed recently with all the blocks and projects I am trying to get done every week and/or month.  The Riley Blake Challenge quilt (yes, I am STILL working on that) has really needed to be my sole focus for the past few weeks, but I have put a few other projects first. Since I am really getting serious about the RBC quilt, I am now behind on a few things.  In order to clear my mind of the constant nagging, I think a list here will help me get rid of the brain clutter and help me focus on the current project at hand. Here’s current list of To-Do’s for this week:

  • Finish Quilting Riley Blake Challenge Quilt Done Feb 12th
  • Bind, wash & enter RBC quilt on the finished entries post Done Feb 13th
  • Make Modern InstaBee block for bnpiper Done Feb 16th
  • Make Feb 4th Vintage Quilt Revival blocks Done Feb 17th
  • Fix Skillbuilder Ruler block Done Feb 17th
  • Make February Sugar Block Club block: Got pieces cut out and ready to sew
  • Make January Bag of the Month
  • Make February Bag of the Month

I was considering turning the above image into a coded button for sharing and making a linky party if anyone is interested in noting their To-Do’s every Tuesday along with me?  I am not a big blog, so I don’t have a big readership to give your blog more exposure… but it might be fun to have an accountability partner(s) of sorts?  Let me know if this sounds like something you’d be interested in.  Otherwise… Happy sewing and have fun getting your To-Do list crossed off!

On Edit: Since I’ve had one commenter interested in linking up (YAY!), I’ll go ahead and add a linky party!  So, I suppose I should add a rule, or two.


  1. Grab the blog button and add it to your To-Do Tuesday blog post.
  2. Add your link below to your To-Do Tuesday blog post.
  3. Visit at least one to two other blogs and leave a nice comment! (Hopefully I’ll get one or two other blogs to link up to make this rule possible…LOL)

That’s it!  Let’s have fun getting our to-do lists done! (Totally didn’t mean to rhyme that…) Linky below.

Red's Needles & Threads
Red's Needles & Threads

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