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Modern Quilt Guild Member Spotlight

I'm a Member!

If you’re stopping by from The Modern Quilt Guild… Welcome!!

I just started this blog a little over a week ago, made one post and promptly became so busy I haven’t had time to write another.  I sorta had to make time for it today because out of the blue I noticed I had a ton of new Instagram followers and then I started getting FB friend requests.  And that’s when I checked my email and noticed that my Member Spotlight was posted over on The MQG website.  How awesome is that?!

Anyway, I’m super glad you stopped by!  I’m sorry there aren’t more posts here yet, but I’ve really been focused on finished up some sewing projects for Christmas.  I’ve been thinking about squeezing in a quick post since I started the blog last week, but just couldn’t find the time or energy.  If you read my first post, you probably won’t be surprised to find that in the middle of sewing all of my Christmas gifts I ended up starting another project for Mister’s granddaughter’s birthday (on Thanksgiving!). Since she hasn’t received it yet, I’m not able to post pictures.  Now that her present is done, I’ve got some time to write up the post and it should be on the website on Friday!

I’ve totally enjoyed The MQG community.  What an honor to be featured, and to be encouraged inspired by so many of the members there.

Are you a member of The MQG?  

Do you enjoy Modern Quilting, Traditional Quilting or a little bit of both?  

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