A New Blog. I Has One!

**Disclaimer: I should note that I just typed the above title while wearing my “I am silently correcting your grammar” t-shirt.  And, I totally corrected my grammar.  Inside my head.  And I left the cutesy title.  I am still leaving the cutesy title.  In fact, I am telling myself repeatedly to forget all about the cutesy, bad grammar title.**

It took me TWO DAYS using Gimp to create this image that a child could draw better with broken crayons!

Hey!  I have a new sewing blog.  This is it (obviously, since you’re here).  I know what you’re thinking.  Something along the lines of, “Oh, NO!! I’m totally gonna miss you spamming my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr feeds all at once as you post progress on your sewing stuff that I don’t give a crap about.”

I know, it’s totally gonna depress you that I decided to put all of my sewing projects in one central place where I can talk at length (or not) about them.  But, not to worry!  I will most likely still spam all of your feeds at once AND write a blog post about it too.  BONUS!!!

I’m pretty bad about starting several projects, or getting supplies to start several projects, right in the middle of a current project.  So, while in the middle of trying to finish the very last two blocks of the Skillbuilder BOM, I decided to set up this blog…  Because I saw a post where a talented sewing blogger I follow (sweetest person ever!) had a coupon code for getting some sewing labels printed.  And I have been thinking about getting sewing labels for a while.  But… I couldn’t order the sewing labels without a “store name”.  While this blog is certainly not a store, I did need a name.  And all the awesome names were taken.  Particularly “Red’s Threads”.  So, after some consultation with a group of punny friends (seriously… this group of people come up with the BEST puns ever), I decided on Red’s Needles & Threads.  Because I’m always using a needle of some sort (machine or hand sewing!) and I’m covered in threads.  Like, out-to-dinner or to-the-grocery-store covered in threads. All. The. Time.  So, the name fits. Also, you notice the sewing ADD issue that led to the blogs creation?  Yeah, my posts will probably be random like that.  Forewarned is, well… probably fore-annoyed in this case.

(I also just now realized I haven’t ordered the sewing labels yet.  I also like to use the ellipses… A lot…  Forewarned and all…)

I’ll be adding some posts in the next few weeks to highlight some of my past projects.  I’ve linked up pictures of them under the Completed Projects! page tab.

Do you like to sew? What are you working on?  

Do you have a blog?  I’d love it if you would leave a post sharing the link with me!

9 thoughts on “A New Blog. I Has One!

    1. Right?! I do like to pretend that I have good grammar, but figured I should just front myself off from the get-go since everyone would figure it out the bad grammar soon enough…. 😉


      1. I have just embraced the bad grammar. As an Aussie living in the US I constantly say/write things that people do not understand which just compounds the issue. Lol. Oh and do not get me started on color vs colour!


      2. Not that I want to get you started on color vs. colour, but I’d just like to say that I have always prefered “colour”. It just looks better. Also, I like to spell theatre vs. theater. It looks better too!


      3. Every time I post the spelling correct wants me to spell it color but I have refused every time. 145 posts I have battled the machine but it keeps trying. I did surrender on organise etc. some battles are not worth fighting.


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