2 thoughts on “Potions Custom Project Bag

  1. Those bags! I especially love the potions bottle with the black Tula print. Exciting times for the kids! Probably exciting (and a little nerve wracking) for their Mom too! Fingers crossed that everything turns out exactly as you’d like them to for Josh’s Navy hopes. I know I’ve never met them, but it seems to me that you have some fantastic kids!

    1. The potions bag was my favorite of the week, closely followed by the coffee bag! I am going to have to search for more of that print, since I’d love a bag from that fabric myself! I am super excited for the kids, and watching them put their plans for the future into action really makes me proud. And, yep, a little nerve-wracked over it all too. My fingers are crossed for Josh and his testing process. He’s really set on this, so I’m praying he passes.

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