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To-Do Tuesday 4-7-15 | A little surprise

Happy Tuesday! My week went quite a bit sideways on me, as Mister surprised me with an anniversary present one month early. Actually, he surprised me with telling me what my present was going to be one month early. It arrives on Wednesday. While I’m at work. Wahhhh!!

Juki 2200 QVP-S Sit Down Free-Motion Quilting Machine

Juki 2200 QVP-S Sit Down Free-Motion Quilting Machine  Image Credit: Allbrands.com

So, what is it? He bought be a Juki 2200 Quilt Virtuoso Pro sit down machine. What the what?! Yeah, that is exactly what I said. I’ll write all about it after the machine comes in and I take a bunch of pictures. And play with it for a while. I didn’t get the extension leafs. The right and left leaf are 15″ wide, and they’re $350 each. 30″ of space for $700? That’s a little much for me. I insisted that I would pay for any extras for the machine… and I’m being a bit frugal right now. For the moment I’d prefer to butt a table up to the side for some extra support for my quilt. Maybe they’ll have a great sale eventually. In the meantime, Mister [aka Jack-of-all-trades] is busy trying to come up with his own plan.

Juki 2200 QVP-S  with no extension leafs

Juki 2200 QVP-S with no extension leafs  Image Credit: Allbrands.com

Needless to say, knowing this is on its way required a reorganization of my already cramped space in our joint hobby room. There may or may not have been some snappishness on my part as I moved everything around and realized I have WAY too much stuff. The Mister may or may not have uttered the dreaded words, “You know, it really looks like you are at the point of needing to sew more things than needing to buy more fabric.” And then, “I bet a lot of husbands say that to their wives, don’t they?” I may or may not have replied with, “Oh, I actually have plans for most of all of that fabric. I just need to finish the Iron Man quilt and then I can get to it….”

I wonder how many times we’re destined to repeat that same conversation? I’m sure you quilters with more quilting years under your belt will let me know. I think we’ve had this conversation once a year since I started quilting 3 years ago.

This week’s To-Do list:

  • Set up the new machine! EEEEK!!!
  • Play with the new machine. A LOT. A WHOLE LOT.
  • Get back to working on the Iron Man quilt.
  • Do more weeding.

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Sewing Machine LED Bulbs Out The Wazoo!

Mister has been busy getting custom LEDs built for sewing machines!!!  But I should clarify that he doesn’t literally have LED’s out the wazoo (thank goodness for that!).

Battle of the Bulbs

Battle of the Bulbs

I posted a while back that he was selling LED’s replacement bulbs for the Singer Featherweight 221 machines.  The way the bases were manufacturered limited them to mainly the black 221 machines, and they could not be used in the Singer 301 machines. Brad worked with the manufacturer and they redesigned the base for him!  So if you were holding off buying an LED because you didn’t think it would fit your white Singer 221 (those were hit and miss with whether they’d fit or not), or you have a 301 and you want this LED… Head over HERE to place an order.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL!!! (I feel like the Wacky Wavy Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man Emporium & Warehouse salesman from Family Guy right now.)

Brad worked with the manufacturer to get them to make a screw based bulb for my Brother PQ1500S. Turns out it’s a standard 7/16″ screw-based 110V bulb common in quite a few sewing machines.  It fits my other Brother, an XL-3750 as well. So if you’re interested in an LED for your sewing machine you can check this page HERE and click on the link that lists the machines that are compatible with this bulb.

Measurement difference

Measurement difference

IMPORTANT NOTE (that the Wacky Wavy Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man salesman would NOT share with you): The LED is a scant 1/4″ LONGER than the standard bulb.  Most machines have that extra room, but we just want you to double check to be sure before ordering!

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!  I am about to get back to sewing my Christmas presents.  What plans do you have this weekend??