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To-Do Tuesday 9-19-17 | Bags, Bags, and Some Grime Guards

Happy Tuesday, friends! Time to check how we did with last week’s list, and decide what we want to accomplish this week! I had hoped to finish stitching Clue 6 of the Ship’s Manor Mystery Halloween Town SAL last week, but I barely spent any time stitching. I did make some progress, but most of my evenings were busy with other work, and my hand stitching time was spent sewing bag linings closed.

Stitch ALL The Things | Project Bag Collage

Speaking of bag linings, I did complete the large bag order I had been working on for three weeks. I finished it all one day before I anticipated I would be done, and because of that I was able to mail it out on Friday. It was a relief to have that completed a day earlier than expected! I didn’t have time to take pictures of the entire group of bags, so I made a collage of the individual pictures I took for the shop who ordered these. The collage above is all of the large sized zip top bags.

Stitch ALL The Things | Project Bag Collage 2

The top two rows of the picture above are large zip top bags. The two bottom rows are the accessory pouches. I really loved the fabrics we chose for these bags. Several bags almost didn’t make it out of the house because I wanted to keep them here with me… forever! Haha! These bags will be listed for sale at Down Sunshine Lane in next week or two.

Stitch ALL The Things | Grime Guards

On Monday I finished an order for a set of five grime guards. These are fun fabrics too, and I am definitely in the fall and halloween mood after making these! The Christmas fabrics are some favorite of my holiday fabrics, and the blue ornaments grime guard is made of a beautiful fabric that has silver metallic all throughout.

This week I have two additional orders scheduled to complete. I will be taking Thursday and Friday off of work for a long weekend, and I’m hoping to spend some great quality time with the Mister! He’s ready for me to come out of the sewing room for a couple of days.

This week’s To-Do list:

  • Continue working on shop order.
  • Stitch Clue 6 of Mystery Halloween Town

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Finished Friday | Ana’s Hippo Hobo Bag

Stitch ALL The Things | Hippo Hobo Bag pattern by Emkie Designs

This week’s Finished Friday is my second Hippo Hobo Bag. I made this for my sister-friend, Ana. I made her mom the 49er Hippo Hobo Bag about a month ago for her birthday. I know I’ve mentioned these two women before on my blog, but I just can’t say enough how special they are to me. Always encouraging, motivating, and cheerleading me on. They’re just the best!

Stitch ALL The Things | Hippo Hobo Bag pattern by Emkie Designs

Ana loves the color pink. She saw a picture I posted somewhere on social media that included the Chain Mail print in Plum from Tula Pink’s line, Elizabeth. She made a comment about how she loved the print, and I knew right then that I would use it in a bag for her. I wasn’t sure about the interior and accent cotton fabrics at the time, and I chose them later. I knew that I wanted MiKri Glitter Mirror Canvas Vinyl for the vinyl accents. If you’re into making bags, this stuff is bomb! It’s super thin and goes through a sewing machine very easily. I was thinking about using the glitter canvas in pink, but realized that would just be too much pink (Ana might disagree). I decided on the white as it gave it a clean feel, but also a place to rest your eyes when looking at the bag.

Stitch ALL The Things | Hippo Hobo Bag pattern by Emkie Designs

Most people who know me will tell you that if I’m using Tula Pink on a project for you, then you KNOW I love you. Because I really do hoard my Tula fabric. Tula has the best colors, and all of her lines coordinate so well together. I chose Deity in Mojito (the elephant faces) from Tula’s Eden line for the flaps. The color is a perfect match to the aqua green in the Chainmail print. It pops against the fabric so nicely!

Stitch ALL The Things | Hippo Hobo Bag pattern by Emkie Designs

The interior fabric is Pearls of Wisdom in Plum from Tula Pink’s Elizabeth. It is also the fabric I used in all of the pockets. This bag has a hidden zippered pocket under the front bag flap, in the back of the bag, and in the interior of the bag. I also added my favorite zippered pocket panel that is part of The Epiphany Bag pattern by Chris W. I’ve mentioned it before, but I am a huge fan of pockets. If a bag pattern doesn’t have a lot of interior pockets, I add this panel in. It has a pen pocket, a pleated pocket, and two slip pockets. You have got a place for a pen, your sunglasses, your phone, and a notepad. Or a place to store your gum. Whatever you need to stow (or grab) quickly… this is your pocket panel. I’d buy The Epiphany Bag pattern over again just for the pocket panel!

This bag was so much fun to make, and I was so happy to hear from my sweet friend that she loved it. Now I think I’ll be making one of these bags for myself!

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Finished Friday | The Alpine Quilt

I am so very excited to share this week’s finishes. I have more than just a quilt to share this week too. Not only am I excited for the finishes, I am so jazzed that my friend, Sarah, of Georgia Girl Quilts is hosting Thank Goodness It’s Finished Friday this week. Sarah’s quilts are amazing and I hope you’ll head over to her blog to check out her finish this week too!

Stitch ALL The Things | The Alpine Quilt

If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll know I’ve been making the Missouri Star Quilt Company tutorial, Flying Geese Diamonds quilt. And, yes, I used the same fabric that was in their tutorial: Alpine by Pink Chandelier for Wilmington Prints. From the first moment I started watching this tutorial I knew I had to make this exact quilt. I fell head over heels for the pattern and the fabrics. The only thing I changed in the fabric requirements was to choose a different print for the backing (the Cardinals in Trees instead of the Reindeer Toss). I used the red-stripe fabric for the binding rather than the Reindeer print, and I changed the Kona Cotton in Cayenne for the inner border and used the red Snowflake Toss instead.

Stitch ALL The Things | The Alpine Quilt Backing Cardinals in Gray

There are several prints in this fabric line that I love, and the Cardinals in Trees is at the top of the list. I loved it so much that I made the entire backing out of the fabric. I just love those birds! I was having a hard time coming up with a name for this quilt. The whole time I was making it I kept calling it “The Alpine Quilt”. After much thought I’ve decided to just go ahead and name it The Alpine Quilt. It’s so original I just don’t even know what to do with my genius mind (sarcasm alert).

Stitch ALL The Things | The Alpine Quilt Borders Binding and Backing

The other fabric that I adore is the red stripe fabric. I love a striped binding, and this fabric was more than perfect for it. Especially since the print is done on the diagonal. I have not stopped, and probably won’t stop, gushing about how perfect it is as a binding fabric!

Stitch ALL The Things | The Alpine Quilt close up

This quilt was a lot of fun to make. The pattern was super easy, but I would not recommend using layer cake precuts for it. You really need an exact 10″ square for this block, and precut 10″ squares are typically NOT cut exactly. I struggled with the pinked edges and some of my seam allowances are 1/8″. I ended up using a 1.5mm stitch length on those seams to make sure that my fabrics wouldn’t fray and the seams wouldn’t open up. This block also means the center of the blocks are thicker, and earlier this week I wrote about how I struggled with the quilting as a result of that. I am absolutely thrilled with the quilt, but it was a fight to get a nice finish! I will say, this is my favorite quilt I’ve made so far and everyone in the house agrees.

Stitch ALL The Things | Alpine Fabrics Red Stripe Print

Since I absolutely love this fabric line, I ordered extra yardage to make some napkins and reversible placemats. Naturally, the napkins are in my favorite red stripe print. It reminds me of candy canes, ribbon candy, and Christmas cheer all rolled into one. I won’t confirm or deny the occasional urge to want to lick the fabric. (Okay, that just sounds weird when I type that out… I’m gonna have to deny, deny, deny any aforementioned urges.) I used the Make Your Own Cloth Napkin Tutorial by Skip To My Lou and chose the mitered corner option.

Stitch ALL The Things | Christmas Placemat & Napkin

I used the Quick & Simple Reversible Placemat tutorial by Whipstitch to make the placemats. I chose the Cardinals in Trees in Grey for one side of the placemat. It has become my favorite side! I wanted to have a “Winter” side so that I could use the placemats for longer than one month out of the year.

Stitch ALL The Things | Christmas Placemat Ornaments In Gray

The reverse side of the placemat is the Ornaments in Grey print. This turned out to look a lot busier than I thought it would. I am wishing I would have chosen the Reindeer Toss instead, because I think the napkins would look better with that print. I may end up just using white napkins to tone down all the red. It’s still cute, and very holiday-cheery.

Finally, for those who like quilt stats:

“The Alpine Quilt”

Finished size
69″ x 78″
Flying Geese Diamond Quilt by Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Company
Alpine by Pink Chandelier for Wilmington Prints Layer Cake, Bella Solids White Layer Cake by Moda (Top)
Alpine Snowflake Toss in Red (Inner Border)
Alpine Reindeer Toss in Grey (Outer Border)
Alpine Cardinals in Trees in Grey (Backing)
Alpine Red Stripe (Binding)
Warm & Natural
Pieced with Aurifil 50 wt 2000
Quilted with Superior Omni 40 wt 3002
Binding stitched with Superior Omni 40 wt 3002
Free Motion echo quilting, figure eight, ribbon, back and forth lines
October 6, 2016

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Finished Friday | The Rockstar Bag

I’m so excited to share this finish! I have been wanting to make The Rockstar Bag for a while, so I made sure it was one of the first few bags on my list to make in 2016.

Front of the Rockstar Bag

Front of the Rockstar Bag

My daughter, Callie, wanted a bag so I told her this one was for her. I had her look through my fabric stash and choose the prints. She said she loves text prints, and chose the Graffiti print in black from Our Town designed by Michelle D’Amore for Contempo Studio/Benartex. She chose to stay with the text fabric theme with the lining and chose Sunprint Text in white by Alison Glass for Andover. I suggested that maybe we could have the exterior pocket flap be an accent fabric and pulled out the Edgar print from Nevermore designed by Gillian Fullard/London Portfolio for Michael Miller. She loved the idea of the quill, calligraphy pen and ink pot complementing the script text on the main fabric. I also suggested that we could use the new Glitter Mirror Canvas in white I had purchased from MiKri World Supplies. She said she’s not a big fan of bling, but that the glitter would be understated enough as accents that it would actually compliment the bag. I agreed. I also omitted the rivets on the exterior pocket flap as she repeatedly reminded me that she didn’t “like all the bling, Mom!”. She said she would never use a shoulder strap either, so I omitted that from this pattern as well.

Back of the Rockstar Bag

Back of the Rockstar Bag

I would classify this as an intermediate to advanced pattern. It comes together easily, but the parts I struggled with most were sewing around the tight corners on the sides of the bags. It wasn’t difficult, but definitely required slower sewing. After putting the binding on the inside seams and turning the bag right side out, I realized that I did not sew as close to the piping as I would have liked. I turned the bag inside out again, used my tiny zipper foot and tried to get as close as possible. That ended up giving me an inside seam of over 5/8″ in some areas. I’m not sure why my piping stuck out so far, but next time I’ll reduce the width of the fabric I use to wrap my cord to make the piping. That should bring the piping closer to the seam.

Bottom of the bag is Glitter Mirror Vinyl Canvas

Bottom of the bag is Glitter Mirror Vinyl Canvas

I chose to add some sturdiness to the bottom of the bag by adding some Glitter Mirror Vinyl Canvas over the main print. I like the look of adding contrasting bottoms to bags, and I think it shows the purse feet off nicely. Although it is white, any dirt should wipe off of the vinyl easily. Unfortunately, my repeated turnings of the bag ended up wrinkling the bottom. I am not too worried about it since it is on the bottom!

All the lovely hardware.

All the lovely hardware.

All of the hardware labels are from Emmaline Bags. The d-rings I used are bigger than they should be, so the next bag I make I will be sure to order the right size. Oops! Hopefully it won’t bother my daughter to see the oversized d-rings as much as it bothers me to see them.

Inside. Need to do better!

Inside. Need to do better!

Callie did not want a lot of extra pockets. She told me she would hardly use them. So the only pockets she has are the exterior pocket, the zippered flap of the exterior pocket and the inside zip pocket. I offered to add a slip pocket for her cell phone, but she said no. The exterior pocket and flap both had Annie’s Soft & Stable interfaced to one side. I didn’t like how thick that made the pocket feel so next time I will use some fusible fleece.

Finally in her possession!

Finally in her possession! (And it happens to match her Chucks!)

All in all, I really liked making this bag. I learned a new technique (binding the seam allowances inside), and discovered that I have a lot of work to do to get my piping to look nice. The next time I make this bag I would like to try doing a drop-in lining. We’ll see how that goes!

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