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To-Do Tuesday 11-22-16 | A Little Bit Sidetracked

If you are in the U.S., Happy Thanksgiving week!! I am sure everyone is going to be busy with holiday prep, so there may not be much to share on our To-Do lists this week. As for my list from last week, I do have a story to tell!

Since I had to wait for my glitter vinyl to arrive for finishing the Hippo Hobo bag, I decided to pull the fabrics for a bargello quilt I want to make my son, Josh, for Christmas. I chose Surf Song from Twist and Turn Bargello Quilts by Eileen Wright. Josh loves the ocean and it just seemed perfect. I haven’t made a bargello quilt before, but I knew I had a bunch of blues and greens in my Kona Cotton stash and I was excited at the possibility of making this for him for Christmas. But. BUT. I didn’t have quite enough fabrics. Then, the fabrics I did have weren’t wide enough because I purchased 1/2 yard pieces to grow my stash and 5/8’s is required for the pattern. Which meant I had to buy more fabrics. And that’s when the lightbulb moment happened.

Stitch ALL The Things | Surf Song Bargello Fabric Pull

Why am I buying and stashing all these fabrics for future projects that, when the time comes to make the new project, I end up having to buy more fabrics for? I have all of this beautiful fabric sitting on my shelves and I’m not making anything with them. My taste in fabrics have changed from when I first started quilting, so there are fabrics I don’t even like any more sitting in my stash. Some fabrics I bought just because it was on sale. Or I bought it because I saw it in a picture and it looked so pretty I wanted it right at that moment. People, this is RIDICULOUSNESS! A destash was in order, and right away. With this train of thought, the course of my entire week changed. I ordered my fabrics for the bargello quilt, and then began pulling bundles and bundles of fabric from my shelves to sell.

Stitch ALL The Things | Destash Prep

If you follow me on Instagram you probably noticed that picture. I set up a separate destash account on Instagram and got to work. Between Tuesday and Friday of last week I organized fabric into piles, came up with prices, took pictures, and prepared draft Instagram posts. On Saturday the destash began and all 88 pictures were uploaded within 30 minutes. The rest of the weekend was tallying purchases, double checking, triple checking, and quadruple checking them. Then sending out PayPal requests, double checking, triple checking, and quadruple checking those. Next up was printing out shipping labels and Monday was double/triple/quadruple checking everything again as I packaged up purchases for shipping. I made it to the post office 10 minutes before the cutoff for their first shipment of the day to Las Vegas. WOO HOO!

ALL The Packages

I’ve got to tell you, that was a pretty intense week of work. But I feel such relief at getting rid of excess and having a better plan of buying what I need when I need it, rather than just collecting fabric. Now I have to turn to Thanksgiving preparation which I completely forgot about with my week of destashing! How crazy is that? The Mister stepped up big time and braved the stores today while I was getting packages done, but we have another trip to make to finish up our shopping. After we get that done, my plan for the week is simply to enjoy my family time and to appreciate and be thankful for all of the many blessings in my life. And with that, I would like to thank each of you who reads this blog and links up when you are able. You all encourage and inspire me and I appreciate that you stop by week after week to share your finishes, your works in progress, your successes, and your not-so-successful projects. This is a wonderful community and I am grateful to be a part of it!


This week’s To-Do list:

  • Be Thankful

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