104 LED | White Featherweight 221

 NEW 104 LED replacement bulb specifically designed for the white Singer Featherweight 221K7!
It will also fit all other Featherweight 221s, the 301, 400 and 500 series, and MANY more vintage sewing machines!

***************************10/15/2017:  Clarification****************************

Now that the 72 LED bulbs with “4014” chips have arrived, it is actually brighter with its 72 LEDs than this bulb is with 104 of the “3014” LED chips!  Previously, the older 64 LED and this 104 LED used the same chips, so some folks have chosen this bulb for the extra brightness to use in machines that were not requiring it.  That is no longer needed, and the less-expensive 72 LED bulbs are actually brighter and $1 less because they do not have to take the time to modify the base.  This bulb is only REQUIRED by the white featherweights.  


(If you’re looking for the screw-base LED for modern machines, click HERE instead.)

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As noted on all these pages, there are two MAJOR benefits to replacing your standard 15 watt incandescent light bulb with an LED:

  • The LED bulb (either 64 or 104) is much brighter than the standard bulb.  There are three light measurements (Lux is the measurement) shown below. The standard 15 watt clear incandescent bulb produced 850 Lux, while the 64 LED bulb in the middle showed 1,700 Lux. This 64 LED is a major improvement, but simply will not fit into a white Singer 221K7 Featherweight. So we have now been able to get the manufacturer to create a new bulb, specifically designed for them. It has 104 LEDs and it produced 2400 Lux! Almost three times as bright as the original incandescent. The manufacturer was unable to create a 64 LED bulb that would fit the white featherweights, so the additional lighting is simply a side benefit of this new bulb.
  • The 64 LED bulbs use only 2.6 watts of power, which results in a LOT less heat being generated than using the standard 15 watt bulb. No more burnt fingers from touching the bulb!  If you have a white 221K7, then you will need the 104 LED bulb which uses approximately 4.3 watts  This is still only 1/3 the heat of the incandescent, but it is definitely warmer to the touch than the 64 LED.  The temperature of the 104 LED is more like touching a cup of hot chocolate or coffee.  Warm, but still no burning.

The decision whether to buy a 64 LED bulb or a 104 LED bulb is simple if you have a white featherweight:  You will need the 104 LED bulb that has no flange to interfere with it pushing into the white 221K7’s extra-deep socket.

But if you have any other machine that takes the bayonet base, it is all about personal preference.  You may choose between the 64 or the 104 as either will fit into a bayonet socket. The 64 is bright; but the 104 is brighter.  The 64 is cool; the 104 is warmer.  The 64 costs less; the 104 costs more.

Like the standard 64 LED bulb, This replacement bulb is still a very reasonable price (No more $35 bulbs!).  But it does cost more as the manufacturer requires additional factory time to remove the flange (I do not grind it off…the bulb you receive is machined completely at the factory).

I am selling these 104 LED bulbs at a cost of $11 each or 2 for $20, including free shipping in the US.  Any additional bulbs are just $9 each.  If you need shipments to other countries, please email me and I will try to see if there is a reasonable way to send them to you.  (Brad@Stitchallthethingsl.com)

Payment is accepted via PayPal only.

If you  wish to order, please use the contact form below to send a request.  Simply enter your name, your Paypal email,  your ZIP code, and choose how many bulbs you would like.  If more than 4, please note in the comment form the total number of bulbs you would like to order. You may also use the comment form if you have questions before ordering.

Communication is very important to me, and when you fill out the form requesting bulb(s) I will respond to you as quickly as possible (from Brad@Stitchallthethings.com OR wa7qok@hotmail.com) and I will confirm your order.  Payment will be requested via PayPal only when I have your LED order in my hand, EACH bulb has been tested, and it is ready for me to ship to you.  I will ALWAYS send you an email to let you know if it is ready to ship or if there is going to be any delay.

Thank you all for your support!!!!



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    1. Hi!
      If you can take out your old bulb…or check the manual…it is very likely that we do have the right bulb for your JC Penney 1601. The screw bulbs come in either 7/16″ base or 5/8″ base. We have both, but I do not know which you need without seeing the bulb.

    1. We are so happy you love the lights! I love that little silicon button on my machine too. It’s definitely saved my bed extension when I flip it up to store my machine… I always forget about that screw that will mar it! Happy Sewing! Brad & Christine

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