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To-Do Tuesday 7-25-17 | Ghostly Encounters Stitching

Hello, my fellow To-Doers/Have-Doners! (Yep, I’m being my usual goofy self!)

Stitch ALL The Things | Ghoul Tidings Finish

I did finish Ghoul Tidings by Plum Street Samplers after posting last week. There were a few errors in the chart with the top border, but other than that, this was a quick, fun stitch. I used a piece of linen that I picked up on one of our thrift shop trips, but it turned out to be 26 count and not 28 count. I didn’t really like the bigger count fabric, but it worked for this piece. Instead of using the called for Gentle Arts Sampler Threads, I used DMC according to the chart’s listed conversion. The colors are bolder and do not have the variegation that the model in the chart does, but that’s okay. I love the way it looks! I started this one on 7/11/17 and finished on 7/17/17, with 7 evenings of stitching. I intend to fully finish this off into a pillow when we return to Arizona.

Stitch ALL The Things | Ghostly Encounters Progress

This week had me starting Ghostly Encounters by Stitches Through Time. This piece is a fun little chart using only three colors: two DMC (310 and 921) and one Weeks Dye Works in Snowflake. There are also a few beads, and they really make the eyes on the creatures here pop! I have two tombstones and the border left to stitch, and then this will be done. I should have a finish in the next couple of days.

Stitch ALL The Things | More Goodwill Finds

The Mister and I are wrapping up our summer, so we have been busy doing little things here and there to finish up our current work on the house. We also did our usual thrift store shopping, and he found me a split rod scroll frame (I’ll be cutting the rods down to about 18″), and this sweet Amazing Grace chart. It’s one of my favorite hymns, so I plan on stitching this one in the future. I’m going to miss these thrift shops up here, there are a lot of crafters in this area!

Confession time!

I have to admit, I am not excited to get home to Arizona and back to sewing bags. This summer break has made me realize just how much of my own projects I pushed aside, and that makes me sad. I had intended on making a quilt for my son’s birthday (he has asked me for one for over two years!). I ordered fabric but couldn’t start it due to the commissions workload I accepted. I finished a quilt top for Brad and got the backing and batting cut to size in December of 2016, and never had time to baste it, quilt it, and bind it. It’s still sitting folded up on my table. I wanted to sew a new purse for me, but didn’t have time for that either. I have several other things listed that I wanted to get done, but I just keep putting them to the back of my to-do list. The Mister and I are heading home in one week, so when I get back I will be completing orders I committed to before we left and then I will no longer be taking commissioned work. I may sew some bags later and put them up for sale, but it will be after I can get caught up on projects I had on my January 2017 list. I have felt such a relief after making that decision, that the dread of returning to Arizona has lessened greatly! This also means that you may be seeing some quilting again here on the blog. To that I say: YIPPEEEEEEE!!!!

This week’s To-Do list:

  • Finish Ghostly Encounters
  • Pack for Arizona

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To-Do Tuesday 12-6-16

Happy Tuesday! I cannot come up with a good title for this blog post, so I’m just leaving it with the date. I was going to go with “Food Poisoning 1 – Christine 0” but that’s just not pithy. Or appealing.

Yep, I had a run in with food poisoning and lets just say it put me down for the count for a good 24 hours. One minute my daughter and I were happily getting started on piping colorflow frosting onto 101 cookies, and the next minute I was pale, shaky, nauseous, and headed for the floor or the nearest bed to keep myself from passing out. And everyone who has ever experienced food poisoning, or knows someone who has experienced it, knows what comes next. To say that I was so disappointed that my cookie baking and shipping plans were ruined and that I will have to re-bake 100-ish cookies next week is an understatement. But, I survived and am feeling so much better. Not 100%, but at least 1000 times better than 36 hours ago (as of Monday evening)! I’m also more than a little curious about what I’ve done that is so bad that karma has nailed me twice this year during holiday cooking plans!

Stitch ALL The Things | Hippo Hobo Bag pattern by Emkie Designs

I did finish the Hippo Hobo bag and was able to get a Finished Friday post written. I just love this bag and have plans to make one for myself. Yay for a finish! Since I won’t be starting Josh’s quilt until March, I am planning on making a quilt for the Mister. I bought a motorcycle themed quilt kit two years ago when we were visiting Sturgis, South Dakota. He used to live there, and since he enjoys motorcycles I thought it would be a great quilt for him. I’ve had it sitting on a shelf for far too long, and it looks like an easy enough pattern that I should be able to get this one done quickly (famous last words, eh?!).

I was going to go for a new cross stitch start over the weekend to break up stitching on Burlesque Zombie Portrait, but obviously the food poisoning thing put a monkey wrench in that. I have picked Stitchrovia’s I Love You So Very Much cross stitch pattern. It looks like something that will be give me the satisfaction of a finish with a few weekend evening stitching sessions. I will talk more next week about my plans for quilting, sewing, and cross stitching in 2017 along with my intention to only “Stitch From Stash”. I have been thinking about this for a while, and have what feels like a workable plan for me.

How are your sewing plans coming along for December?
I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season!

This week’s To-Do list:

  • Holiday Baking and Shipping
  • New cross stitch start

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The Oregon House


We pulled out of the driveway of the Oregon house this morning. This has quickly become “Home” for us, and I was sad to leave. It felt like we really just got here, got the house mostly set up and then it was time to leave. I took pictures of the rooms this week while we were cleaning up and preparing the rooms for the kids to be here in October. I was going to share all of this in Tuesday’s post but realized it would be too long of a post and I really felt like reflecting on the house and all of the work we did while on the road today. This post is pretty long and has lots of pictures, just FYI!

View of the Living room from the Hallway

View of the Living room from the Hallway

I originally had visions of a farmhouse style interior when we bought the house, but that was not really the direction we went. I will say it from the outset, I am NOT any good at interior decorating. The Mister and I just went out and bought furniture and furnishings that appealed to us. You’ll notice we are pretty minimalist with our things, and as mentioned in a previous blog post, tchotchkies are not anything the Mister really appreciates or cares about. I hate dusting, so lots of little knick-knacks are not going to be hanging around our house. I do have more wall art that I want to find, but I am not actively searching for it. We’ll pick up other little things that speak “Oregon House!” to us as time goes on.

Living Room 2

The Mister found these little red chairs and they are pretty comfy. We are big on thrifting, and look for items at estate sales and thrift shops. The thrifted items here are the pillows in the chairs, the “Live” and “Love” wall hangings and all of the items on the little table, including the picture frames. We hung a cheap TV we bought at Fred Myers on the wall, and next year we’ll get a wire cover that attaches to the wall for the cords that hang down and paint it to match the wall. Next year we will also be repainting the living room (right now the grey changes color depending on the time of day and it has a green undertone which is not to my liking). We will also paint the background of the bookcase and the hallways (downstairs, upstairs, and the stairway) the same color so there is a more uniform color throughout the house.

Living Room 1

The Mister really loved this modular couch. All of the pieces are moveable, so we can set it up any way we like. He loves to be all snuggled together, so that ottoman is usually snugged up and becomes part of the couch. The wooden tray was made by his dad, and I love having something he made in our home. The side table belonged to Brad’s mom, and it is there temporarily until we find a table that fits there and matches the living room a little better. The Mister made the quilt ladder for me to use in Havasu, but I didn’t have any quilts to put on it (I know, that’s horrifying to read from a quilter… but I tend to give my quilts away). We brought it here and right now the top rung has an afghan that was my birthday gift that Brad’s mom made for me last year. The second rung is an afghan that was made by a woman who was very special to Brad, his Aunt Maye. The last two rungs have my Modern InstaBee quilt that I draped over both rungs to make the ladder look fuller. By the time I come back, I should have several more quilts with me to put on the ladder!

Master Bedroom 2

Through the hallway and to the right is the Master Bedroom. It is on the north east corner of the house and is on the street side. The picture above is taken from the doorway. This room was the only room in the house whose color I loved, but not until we bought the comforter set. It was sort of a bland could-be-grey-could-be-greenish-blue color at first. But the comforter has a gorgeous light blue-green background that pulled out the blue-green of the walls. And it’s perfect! I’m not big on natural wood (you’ll remember that statement and laugh after reading a bit further), and especially dark wood, but when I saw this bed I absolutely loved it. I think it looks great in here! I ordered the curtain rods and blackout curtains from Amazon, and while I’m not thrilled with how dark the beige turned out to be, it still works in the room. The window behind the bed is as long as the other windows, but it’s the only good spot in the room for the bed. So when we re-side the house we will change this window to a wider, but shorter window that stretches along the length of the wall. I think that will be awesome!

Master Bedroom Built Ins

The master bedroom also has these roomy built ins, and the doors and drawers open and close pretty smoothly. For doors that have hinges and connectors that are painted over, anyway.

Master Bedroom 1

I was planning on putting a cozy chair and table here, but in reality I’d never be in the bedroom using it. So we decided to buy the matching dresser to the bed. Like I said earlier, we are pretty minimalist with our decor, but I think the room came together nicely. I will probably look for a few more wall decor items for this room.

Downstairs Guest Room 1

In my To-Do Tuesday post from almost two weeks ago I showed Before pictures of this room. It was a lavender-ish color, which is perfect for a little girls room, but I wanted something different. I seem to really be loving blue-greens, so I repainted this room the same HGTV Sherwin Williams Tradewind Blue that I painted the upstairs room in.

Downstairs Guest Room 4

This room really came together just like I envisioned it. I found this metal panel bed on Wayfair for an amazing price, $121.99!! We had a mattress from Brad’s mom, and her previous bed did not need a box spring for the mattress and neither did this one. Perfect! I found the Martha Stewart Coverlet and Sham brand new in the packaging at an estate sale for $15. Shabam! It reminds me of going to my grandma’s house where her beds had those embossed looking coverlets on them. The throw was purchased from Amazon, as was the pillow cover. I LOVE that pillow cover!!

Downstairs Guest Room 3

I knew I wanted a vanity for this room. Nothing massive and expensive, but a place where a guest could put a laptop and use it, as well as have a place to get themselves made up because our bathroom is so tiny and has no space for getting ready in the morning. I was looking for some antique furniture to give the room a cottage feel, but didn’t really find what I wanted at any thrift shops or estate sales. I found this vanity set on Amazon for what I thought was a great price. The little tchotckies on the vanity were thrifted items with the exception of the handkerchief that was handmade by Brad’s mom and the little clock which also belonged to Brad’s mom.

Upstairs Guest Room 1

I showed pictures of the upstairs guest bedroom after I finished painting it in THIS post. This was the Room Of Many Colors (Joseph would be proud… har har). This room now has an oak daybed with trundle that the Mister loves. We had a comforter set with it but the sheets and the comforter didn’t match the room. I purchased a white duvet cover/sham set and covered up the non-matching comforter. This room is so huge that I chose to make it sort of a mock living room/bedroom for a guest. The table is solid oak and Brad found it at a yard sale for FIVE DOLLARS. I am not big on silk plants, but I saw this at United Gospel Mission Thrift store and picked it up for $6. The lamp and little side table were Brad’s mom’s. The afghan on the bed was recently crocheted by Brad’s mom. She intended it to be for a charity auction that her retirement assisted living manager was going to arrange, but it never came to fruition. I was blessed to be able to get it for the house. The green is not the same color as in the rest of the room, but I absolutely don’t care. I love that I have some of Brad’s mom’s handiwork in our home.

Upstairs Guest Room 2

This secretary desk and lamp were Brad’s mom and fit well in that area of the room. I do still need to find a chair for the desk.

Upstairs Guest Room 3

This nook originally had a formica counter here that was used as a desk. We pulled that out and I put this dresser that also belonged to Brad’s mom here. I found the container of silk flowers at a yard sale for $3 and the galvanized metal pitchers were from Goodwill.

Upstairs Guest Room 4

I loved this pillow cover I found on Amazon. It’s just so cheery! This room is hard to figure out wall art for, since the side walls are half-height due to the pitch of the ceiling. I may try to find something for each side of the window by the bed, and something for above the secretary.

Upstairs Hobby Area 1

Finally, we come to the last room of the house. This is where you chuckle at my saying I don’t like natural wood. Because this entire side of the upstairs is covered in wood! And… I LOVE it. This is the room that the Mister and I fell in love with when looking at pictures of the house. This is pretty much the room that made us decide we wanted THIS house!

Upstairs Hobby Area 2

This area of the house will eventually be our hobby area. My sewing room and the Mister’s Amateur Radio room. We haven’t decided what will go where, but we will start working on it next year. You can see the hallway here that has a bathroom entrance to the left, a large closet directly opposite the bathroom, and the entrance to the guest bedroom at the end of the hall.

Upstairs Hobby Area 3

This side of the room was bumped out when they made the upstairs addition to the house in the 70’s. They added windows and raised the roof line here. The microwave on the floor was to be part of our upstairs mini-kitchen area but, despite having three-prong outlets all over the upstairs rooms, the outlet here on the banister is the only one that is a real, properly grounded, three-prong outlet (with the exception of the bathroom where the wiring was updated and GFCI outlets were installed). The mister left the microwave here until we figure out what we’re going to do with the wiring. I just got lazy and didn’t want to move it for the picture. The wiring in the house is a long story that, if you ever meet up with the Mister and I, Brad would love to tell you all about. I hope you have a while to visit…Hahaha! Next year’s plans include taking all of our multi-colored sockets, switches and mis-matched covers (brown, tan, white) and making them all white next year.

Well, that’s it for pictures of the house. We were so busy getting the house cleaned up and prepared for leaving that I completely forgot to take pictures of the dining area and kitchen. I’ll have to get them next time. We already have a big to-do list for next year, and we’re anxious to get back to work! For now, we say goodbye to our beautiful Oregon and head back to Arizona where school is soon to start, and sewing projects will start showing back up on the blog.

– Christine and Brad

To-Do Tuesday 7-19-16 | Busy Hands Quilts

This week To-Do Tuesday is being hosted by Myra of Busy Hands Quilts. Make sure you head over HERE to link up your posts this week. Also, check out some of Myra’s latest posts. She has started a new Finished or Not Friday linky party that I am excited to start linking up with. She also recently released her Brick Cottage Lane {2} pattern. I love it (and already have it in my pattern library)!!

Kitchen Curtain

I know I promised finished pictures of the house last week, but I wasn’t as ready as I thought. This is our last week here in the house for the summer, so I absolutely will have pictures next week. I did manage to have time to get my sewing machine out of the motor home to make a valance curtain for the kitchen window. I used the Church Cookbook print from the Feed Company line by Sweetwater. I adore all of the little recipes on this curtain, and what better place for it than in the kitchen?! I probably should have put some accent fabric on it to make it pop, but I didn’t want to cover up the recipes.

Those jars!!!

Those jars!!!

Jill, Brad’s daughter in law and one of my favorite people on the whole earth, gave me these vintage Bell mason jars that her dad had at his house. I have to admit to swooning a bit over them. Vintage blue? Glass lids? Ah, yes. And… still swooning.

Reversible placemats made with Feed Company by Sweetwater fabric

Reversible placemats made with Feed Company by Sweetwater fabric

Since I went to all the trouble to pull the sewing machine out, I also decided to make placemats and napkins. I used the Quick & Simple Reversible Placemat Tutorial by Whipstitch to make these. I used the cream and red Labels print from Feed Company by Sweetwater for one side and the Church Cookbook print for the other side.

Placemat Church Cookbook Print

I also made napkins to go along with the placemats out of the red Farmers Plaid print from the Feed Company line. I used the the Make Your Own Cloth Napkins tutorial from Skip To My Lou and chose the mitered corner method. And, seriously, those corners turned out amazeballs!! Brad walked up to me at one point and I told him that he didn’t know it, but he should be totally impressed with what was happening because mitered corners aren’t exactly easy. I love these napkins!

Mitered corner napkins

This week’s To-Do list:

  • Pack up to go home.

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Next week will be our last guest hosted To-Do Tuesday post for the summer and we will be linking up with Amy of Swimming in a Sea Of Estrogen.

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