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Tuesday : Sew Wonderful!

What a spectacular week!!!

I finished the secret quilt, and I can’t say much about it here now. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll already know what it looks like (from afar-ish). Don’t worry, I took lots of pictures and will be blogging about it in a week or two!

Also, Mister and I celebrated our third Anniversary this past week. I’ve been hinting at a stitching project that has kept me busy every evening, and if you’ve seen my Instagram feed you’ll know that I was working on one of his Anniversary presents. A Love Heart cross stitch pattern from CrossStitcher magazine’s May 2014 issue. This chart can now be found as a digital download at Stitchrovia’s Etsy Shop.

A Cross Stitched gift for Mister

A Cross Stitched gift for Mister

This was my first time cross stitching, and I absolutely love it! I was planning on doing Quilty Stitches over the summer as a way to keep me from going through withdrawals from sewing and quilting. I sort of stumbled across the Love Heart pattern about a month ago when I was looking for other possible patterns I might want to do. So glad I dove into this and got it done. Mister absolutely loves it! Stitched on 14 count white aida, two threads over 1 square. I converted the floss colors from the pinks in the chart to these blues. I used DMC #3756, #3765, and #3766. I kept the same grey that was called for in the chart, DMC #318.

For our anniversary Mister completely surprised me with a Singer 221 Featherweight he found on eBay. He knew I have really been wanting one… I have been looking high and low for one at a reasonable (to me) price. I told him about a month or two ago that I was done looking. I decided that if it was meant to be for me to have a Featherweight, then I would run across it when the time was right. Apparently he took up my mission, and jauntily plopped one in front of me on the morning of our Anniversary while I was making coffee. Not sure if you heard a “squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” wherever you live on the morning of May 7th. If you did… Uh… Yeah. That was me.

An anniversary present from Mister. He's a keeper!

An anniversary present from Mister. He’s a keeper!

She’s a really great little machine. I was having a hard time naming her. “Helen” kept coming to mind, but I wasn’t really crazy about that. I looked up popular girl names from 1948 (my machine’s birth date), but didn’t find any I liked. I just felt there needed to be a story behind the naming. While lamenting my dilemma, Mister gently asked, “Do you think you would consider my Aunt Maye’s name?” His Aunt Maye meant the world to him. He loved her dearly, and we’re both sad that I never had the chance to meet her. I told him that “Maye” was the PERFECT name! The machine was from Mister, born the same year as Mister, and is named for his favorite Aunt. Perfect!

[Side note: I named my Brother PQ1500S Nouvelle machine “Ellie”. So now I have two machines that when you put both names together are “Ellie Maye”. I can not help but snort-laugh at that.]

Meet Maye! She makes my fabric look pretty!

Meet Maye! She makes my fabric look pretty!

Maye runs GREAT. She’s got pin scratches, and a some scrapes and dings in the paint. Some wearing on the decal, but not much. Whoever had her before put a crapload of new grease onto old grease though, so that was a PITA to clean up. Sometimes she wouldn’t start unless you turned the balance wheel. So I bought her a new belt and now she whizzes right along. We oiled her, lubricated the motor, got a new felt pad (stinky!!), and today I washed her (according to David McCallum’s The Featherweight 221 and I book), and gave her a waxing. She looks so pretty, and runs beautifully. LOVE. HER.

Not only did I have the excitement of a quilt finish this week, along with a spectacular anniversary, I completed all of my pre-summer sewing as of Sunday! I mailed out the May, June, and July Modern InstaBee blocks yesterday (Monday). I am so thankful for understanding hive-mates who were willing to decide on their block and fabric colors months early so that I could get their block out to them before my summer commitments arrived (as I would not have access to my sewing machines). Now that worry is no longer a stress for me! *Whew*

May Modern InstaBee Block

May Modern InstaBee Block

June Modern InstaBee Block

June Modern InstaBee Block

July Modern InstaBee Block

July Modern InstaBee Block

I also got a little unexpected sewing in this week. I bought the awesome “Holy Shit Balls Sewing’s Awesome” zippered pouch from Form & Fabric. It’s a huge pouch, but it wasn’t tall enough to hold my large Q-snap hoop. Since I am using this pouch for my cross stitch supplies, I bought some black vinyl from Hobby Lobby and added a 3.5″ finished bottom to it. I even pulled out my serger (whose name happens to be Speedy Gonzales) to make all the edges nice inside. It’s WAY cool.



This is going to be my last To-Do Tuesday post until August. I’ll be taking a break for the summer months, but I still will be writing blog posts throughout the summer. Feel free to keep using the To-Do Tuesday icon if you would like to! I’ll definitely be keeping up with your happenings when I get back to my regular blog reading in two weeks!

I’ve been in such a crunch lately to get things accomplished that I have not had time to devote to blog writing or reading blogs. I have spent minimal time interacting with anyone via Instagram. I feel a bit selfish with my Instagram-post-and-run habit of late. I will get back to my normal interactions in about two weeks! The one thing I love about quilty/sewing people is they totally understand when you have to duck and get. stuff. done.

This weeks list:

  • SPRING CLEANING! Totally late, and SO much to do. I’ll have shriveled “comet-fingers” for the next 5 days and smell like a combination of bleach and lemon furniture polish
  • Celebrate oldest daughter’s 18th birthday and High School graduation.
  • Make fall Doctor appointments for me and youngest two kids.
  • Do NOT forget Ortho Appt. for Kid #2!!

After Summer List:

  • Make Tula Pink’s Moxie Quilt along with Sarah of Georgia Girl Quilts
  • Make the Skillbuilder Scrap Jar & Pincushion blocks. Quilt.
  • Design VQR Quilt back
  • Continue working on the How-To/Tips page for the Brother PQ-1500S
  • Make the April Sugar Block Club block
  • Make the May Sugar Block Club block
  • Make February Bag of the Month
  • Make March Bag of the Month
  • Make April Bag of the Month
  • Make the Go-Go Bag for Callie
  • Decide on Christmas sewing gift list and make a plan for completing projects by mid-November.

Now it’s your turn! Write up your post and link up using InLinkz linky below.


  1. Link up your To-Do Tuesday blog post using the InLinkz linky (below). The link up is open all week!
  2. Try to visit at least one or two other blogs and leave a nice comment!
  3. Please feel free to grab the blog button to show that you’re participating in To-Do Tuesday!

That’s it! Now let’s get sewing… or whatever there is to do on your list!

Red's Needles & Threads
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SEWjo Saturday | Vintage Quilt Revival blocks

This past week has been spring break, which means the kids have been with their dad for over a week. It’s just me and the Mister hanging around the house.

We’ve had a busy week, working on things that have needed to get done on cars and such. I’ve also been able to work on getting last week and this weeks Vintage Quilt Revival blocks done. I finished the last one up today and am officially caught up. Tuesday will be our last two blocks, and then it’s time to assemble them into a top. Yay!!

Week 8 Blocks:

Vintage Quilt Revival Cross and Crown

Vintage Quilt Revival
Cross and Crown

Vintage Quilt Revival Double Pinwheel

Vintage Quilt Revival
Double Pinwheel

I am truly enjoying these paper pieced blocks.  I was actually a little disappointed to realize I had to make blocks with HST’s for week 9!

Week 9 Blocks:

VIntage Quilt Revival Star and Pinwheel

VIntage Quilt Revival
Star and Pinwheel

Vintage Quilt Revival Mosaic No 8

Vintage Quilt Revival
Mosaic No 8

I’m linking up with Kim at My Go-Go Life for SEWjo Saturday.

SEWJo Saturday

I’m also linking up my VQR blocks with Sukie–Don’t you know who I am? for Week 9.

Vintage Quilt Revival Block Along

Skill Buildin’ and Vintage Quilt Revival’n

When I wrote this title I had an image flash through my head of one of those old-time Revival preachers dancin’ around on a stage, hands raised in the air, preachin’ with a drawl plus the added emphasis on the last syllable. You know what I mean, right?

“It’s-ah timmmmmmme-ah to get-ah workin’-ah on-ah our-ah quilt-ah blocksssssss-ah!! Yeeaaaahhhhhsssssssss!!! Praise Gawddddddd-ah!”

Ok, seriously, I’m not mocking. I grew up listening to that particular cadence from a few pastors. And every now and then it just tickles my fancy thinking about it. Enough goofiness from me! I just wanted to post my finished blocks-ah! Ok, I’m done now. For reals.

The week 6 Vintage Quilt Revival blocks:


Vintage Quilt Revival Week 6: Crosspatch


Vintage Quilt Revival Week 6: Mayflower

And these are my quilted Skill Builder Ruler and Spools block.  It’s been a while since I free-motion quilted the spirals and pebbles, so I have been practicing away in my gigantic notebook every evening.  Starting to see some progress, finally!

Skill Builder - Ruler quilted

Skill Builder – Ruler quilted

Skill Builder - Spools quilted

Skill Builder – Spools quilted

I’m all caught up with the BOM’s now and ready to start working on the March stuff… Whew!

Are you participating in any BOM’s or sew-alongs?  

If so, how are you doing with them?  Having fun (I hope!)?

Linking up with Sukie — Don’t ya know who I am? for this weeks’ VQR blocks.

Vintage Quilt Revival Block Along

The Granddaughter’s Housewarming Present

Mister’s granddaughter, who I proudly claim as my granddaughter too (even though she’s actually old enough to be my daughter… Or rather, I’m young enough to be her mother. Nevermind, that’s probably a story for another day. Or not. Annnyyyyyywayyyyy). She turned 18 in November and graduated from high school shortly thereafter.  6 months early! This granddaughter is a highly motivated, independent and smart young woman. And she is taking charge of life and planning/organizing/living it well.

While we have enjoyed watching her grow up these past few years that she has lived near us, we recently had the privilege of being invited to her first “this is my own place” for a housewarming party.  And I immediately decided to make her a set of four placemats and napkins.

Placemats & Napkins

Placemats & Napkins

I only had about three days to decide on a pattern, buy fabric, and get everything made.  On Tuesday night I discovered Elizabeth Hartman’s Color Block Placemats + Napkins sew along on Sew Mama Sew.  On Wednesday we had errands to run, shopping to do, and appointments to attend to, so I all I was able to get done that day was a run to Hobby Lobby to pick up the fabrics, and then pre-wash and iron them that evening.

Hobby Lobby fabrics

Hobby Lobby fabrics

I am NOT a fan of the Hobby Lobby material.  But I did not have time to order any from my usual shops, so I had to make do.  They had some nice looking fabrics in colors that the granddaughter mentioned she liked (darker neutrals and neutrals), so I picked them up and hoped for the best.  I also found some Kona in the Sand color there, and added that to the bundle as well.  There is such an obvious difference in the quality of fabric that after I assembled the placemats I fused some Pellon SF101 to the back just to add some sturdiness to them.



The first day of sewing I was able to get all the fabrics cut, and the napkins done.  The second day I pieced the placemats, quilted them and completely finished the binding on two of them.  On the third day (the day of the party) I finished handsewing the binding to the back of the placemats.  I actually had about 4 hours to spare… which seems to be the norm for me. *sigh*  One day I’ll do better at planning ahead!

Quilting on the reverse side of the placemat.  Also, I remembered to add my personalized label!

Quilting on the reverse side of the placemat. Also, I remembered to add my personalized label!

I think the granddaughter liked the placemat/napkin set.  It looks fancier than I wanted, and I had to tell her that they were meant to be used. Hopefully she’ll use them! I actually like this pattern so much that I may make some for the house here.  I also may make them for some Christmas presents too.

Way to go, granddaughter!! We are so proud of you and so happy for you!

“Gramma C”