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Skill Buildin’ and Vintage Quilt Revival’n

When I wrote this title I had an image flash through my head of one of those old-time Revival preachers dancin’ around on a stage, hands raised in the air, preachin’ with a drawl plus the added emphasis on the last syllable. You know what I mean, right?

“It’s-ah timmmmmmme-ah to get-ah workin’-ah on-ah our-ah quilt-ah blocksssssss-ah!! Yeeaaaahhhhhsssssssss!!! Praise Gawddddddd-ah!”

Ok, seriously, I’m not mocking. I grew up listening to that particular cadence from a few pastors. And every now and then it just tickles my fancy thinking about it. Enough goofiness from me! I just wanted to post my finished blocks-ah! Ok, I’m done now. For reals.

The week 6 Vintage Quilt Revival blocks:


Vintage Quilt Revival Week 6: Crosspatch


Vintage Quilt Revival Week 6: Mayflower

And these are my quilted Skill Builder Ruler and Spools block.  It’s been a while since I free-motion quilted the spirals and pebbles, so I have been practicing away in my gigantic notebook every evening.  Starting to see some progress, finally!

Skill Builder - Ruler quilted

Skill Builder – Ruler quilted

Skill Builder - Spools quilted

Skill Builder – Spools quilted

I’m all caught up with the BOM’s now and ready to start working on the March stuff… Whew!

Are you participating in any BOM’s or sew-alongs?  

If so, how are you doing with them?  Having fun (I hope!)?

Linking up with Sukie — Don’t ya know who I am? for this weeks’ VQR blocks.

Vintage Quilt Revival Block Along

Sugar Block Club 2014


Last year I participated in the 2013 Sugar Block Club by Amy Gibson of Stitchery Dickory Dock.  I enjoyed it so much that I signed up to sew along with her again for the 2014 Sugar Block Club! On the first day of each month Amy sends a new pattern and a yummy recipe.  This year she decided to go beyond a pattern and recipe and has included a personal challenge for each month.

Kim's Quilt - The Sugar Block Club

Last Year’s 2013 Sugar Block Club Quilt

I must admit that I have not focused a lot on the personal challenge aspect of the BOM.  Not that I don’t want to, I’ve just found myself so busy that I haven’t had the time.  What I find interesting is that I’ll read through the challenge and even though I don’t have time to really meditate and think on it, I will remember it as situations come up during the month.  So even though I haven’t made it a focus of my month, Amy’s words resonate with me throughout the month.  And I appreciate the extra “food for thought” aspect of participating in this sew along.

Inspiration fabric

Inspiration fabric (sorry for the bad picture)

Last year I went with Kate Spain’s Cuzco fabric line when sewing up my blocks.  This year I decided to challenge myself in my weakest area as a quilter: Color.  My fabric pull was inspired by the grey Medallion print in Denyse Schmidt’s Florence line. It is a print that has all the colors/shades that I am not comfortable using together.  I determined that if Denyse Schmidt could put a fantastic fabric line together using them, then I should be able to put together prints and use them together in a block.

Fabric Pull

Fabric Pull

I had fun with January’s block. I will be using the Medallion print as a focal part of each block. Choosing the black fabric to be part of the center of the block had me chuckling at how “rebel-ish” I felt at doing something different.  I really liked how it turned out!

January Block

January Block

February’s block was a bit more difficult for me.  Lately I seem to be having trouble with making my seams too scant.  When I trim the block up I end up taking too much off so that when the blocks are finally assembled any points at the edges will have been taken off because I cut into the seam allowance.  I had a particularly difficult time with this on a couple of other blocks. It’s not as bad on this block as it was on another (that I ripped out and re-sewed THREE times), but this is clearly an area for me to work on.

February Block

February Block

Again with the black in the center!!  I am having fun with these fabrics and using them together.  I think 2014 is the year of trying different things and so far I’m loving it!


Sunday Stash #7: Books! And… Scissors

There is no fabric to share this week, but I do have sewing related stuff to share… I think that counts, right?! (If not, well, it counts in my world!)

Recently, I’ve bought a few books to add to my sewing library. All from Amazon, because that’s how I roll.  (It also helps that I have Prime.) I really want to start doing some apparel sewing for myself, so I’ve been slowly adding books that I think will be helpful in educating myself. The Complete Photo Guide to Perfect Fitting by Sarah Veblen has had some great reviews on Amazon.  The Complete Photo Guide to Clothing Construction is a new book by Christine Haynes.  I’ve only had a time to briefly go through the book, and it really looks to be a fantastic book.  Both books have excellent pictures detailing techniques, and I always find that to be very helpful.



I’ve also had a need to buy a book about sergers, so I bought Successful Serging: From Setup to Simple and Specialty Stitches by Beth Ann Baumgartel  and I’ll be talking about that in a future post.  The other book I’ve added to my library is Modern Bee — 13 Quilts to Make with Friends by Lindsay Conner.  Since I am participating in the Modern InstaBee 2014, this book was required.  So. Much. Fun.

WM Serging & Modern Bee books


My last non-fabric additions are these incredibly adorable scissors and needle minder from needlegoods.  I have been eyeing these spiderweb-lightning bolt scissors for a while.  When I finally decided to buy them I saw the Witch boot scissors. Since Halloween is my favorite holiday, how could I not get them?!  Also, I decided to try this adorable owl needle minder.  Holy Schmolies, I don’t know why it took me so long to buy one of these.  I typically drop or lose my needle at least twice every time I do any hand-sewing.  I got this needle minder just in time to bind a quilt and I didn’t drop or lose my needle once. Not. Once.  A record. Seriously.

WM Scissors


I also might possibly be eyeing some owl scissors over on needlegoods.  It will be a long time before I buy them, but that doesn’t stop me from doing virtual window shopping, ya know??

Linking up with the ever fabulous and always inspirational, Molli Sparkles.



To-Do Tuesday: 2-25-14

To Do Tuesday button

Another To-Do Tuesday is upon us! Thank you to all of you who linked up last week!  I enjoyed reading the projects you had planned.  How did it go?  Were you able to tackle a project or two? Or even your whole list?

This week was okay for me.  One of you mentioned that my list was ambitious.  I think that was actually an understatement!  I was able to get most of my list done, but not the whole thing.  Most of the week was spent catching up on my Vintage Quilt Revival blocks. I ended up re-doing one block, twice. I also put the borders on all of the blocks completed so far and trimmed them up to correct size.  That last part was NOT on my To-Do list, and I spent an entire day doing that rather than focusing on projects on my list.

These 3.5" blocks took longer to make than I anticipated.

These 3.5″ blocks took longer to make than I anticipated.

I started my Stitches block for the 2014 Skill Builder BOM block today.  It was a lot more labor intensive than I anticipated.  I had hoped to finish the entire block today, but I only got 1/3 of it completed!  I might have been able to finish it this week had I not done extra work on the Vintage blocks, but I don’t regret that decision.  I remind myself that these lists are simply a way to have noted all of the current work I have to do, so as not to get overwhelmed.  If I have to rearrange or move them around, that’s okay… so long as I don’t keep putting them off on purpose.  I like to get to the end of the week with the whole list crossed off, but that’s not always going to happen.  Especially when I underestimate the time it takes to complete projects! (ALL. THE. TIME.)

1/3rd of the Stitches block  is finished! (sorry for the blurry pic)

1/3rd of the Stitches block is finished!
(sorry for the blurry pic)

Okay, enough blathering, let’s get on with the list for this week!

  • Finish Skillbuilder BOM 2014 Block #3 “Stitches” Done Feb 26th
  • Quilt Skillbuilder BOM 2014 “Ruler” and “Spools” blocks Done Mar 1st
  • Make Week 6 Vintage Quilt Revival blocks Done Mar 2nd
  • Write up Sugar Block Club blog post Done Mar 2nd
  • Write up the March 2nd Sunday Stash post Done Mar 1st
  • Make January Bag of the Month (put off until March)
  • Make February Bag of the Month (put off until March)

Now it’s your turn!  Write up your post and link up here! I can’t wait to read how you did with your list this past week, and what you have planned for the upcoming week!


  1. Link up your To-Do Tuesday blog post using the InLinkz linky (below).
  2. Try to visit at least one to two other blogs and leave a nice comment!
  3. Please feel free to grab the blog button to show that you’re participating in To-Do Tuesday!

That’s it!  Now let’s get sewing… or whatever there is to do on your list!

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